UK border cops can seize and retail all your data without suspicion or charge


“retail all your data” wouldn’t that mean they can sell it? should it say “retain?”


Unless they were thinking, 'Hey we can sell this stuff! In bulk to some shady groups on the internet! And the other TSA people are going. “NO! Let’s sell it a Starbucks all over the country! Why sell it wholesale when you can make more money selling it retail!”

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Maybe like with the placebo buttons, have a few placebo logins you can give em to quiet the greedy beasterdz.

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TrueCrypt partition nesting, as seen in Pirate Cinema! It’s partitions all the way down!


The article was only very slightly less horrifying when I realized they can only retain, not retail my data.

Bravo, Britain. You’ve really stepped up your game trying to out-evil the US government. I was starting to worry that the US would run away with the championship due to no viable competition.


I thought the British invented evil. jk

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Nah, they just got really good at it maintaining a globe spanning empire for so long. Then they fell apart, but they’re rallying something fierce!

“All your data are belong to us!”

You’re not equally horrified at retention? Oh oops. Irony. I must be tired.

How would you feel if the police stopped you on a whim, took your
phone, your laptop, your digital camera, your MP3 player, your USB
sticks and your memory cards then copied everything on them?



The sun still doesn’t set on the Empire (thanks to some inbred paedophiles!)

You guys are taking this the wrong way. I have a feeling you’re going to really appreciate this new automated backup system when your hard drive crashes.


The UKBA are now hanging around London train stations in the hope of nabbing brown people who might not have touched down their Oyster card. So are they taking copies of the data on brown people’s iPhones at the same time. And is there an app to facilitate that?

verb (used with object)
to sell at retail; sell directly to the consumer.
to relate or repeat in detail to others: to retail scandal.

if they sell the data directly to a consumer this would fit, also #5 would actually fit more perhaps…now i really wanna know if it was a typo…

an automated backup system where you don’t get access to the backups…wonderful…

Of course, GCHQ actually are retailing our data to the NSA.

It’s a grammatical improvement on the original, at least.

Just file a Freedom of Information request, easy peasy!