UK security minister proposes "Digital IDs" to enforce online civility


Oh, I’m sure they’ll create a “special” Internet for the unbanked and the poor. It’ll be one of the many “benefits” of the death of net neutrality.


Ok, this is a really, really bad idea.

But I can think of at least one application where it might make sense.


Often cited is a 2004 Penny Arcade strip.

Doesn’t moderation frequently rely on IP bans? Of course, it’s quite trivial to circumvent those if one is even slightly determined.


My real name is Haywood Jablowme.


People have been making this argument since I’ve been on the internet (since ca. 1992), and no doubt much longer.

And assholes being assholes under their real names have been refuting it since day 1.

Anyone who sincerely believes that real-name policies breed accountability, which in turn leads to glorious online civility, is completely and utterly blind to the ways of the asshole.


And here I was thinking that there was no such thing as society. I assume that only applies when taxation threatens; but not to any other incursions?


There’s also the problem, conveniently ignored by those proposing the plan this time around, that any ‘real name’ policy even approaching being robust enough to inconvenience the trolls will also require their victims to use real names.

The theory that this sort of policy will clean up the internet is…ill (ffs ‘autocorrect’ ‘ill’ and ‘I’ll’ are different things) supported…

The theory that it will clean it up fast enough to mitigate the risk of requiring all targets to dox themselves or leave the internet is pure insanity; unless you are willing to cynically treat the relative quiet of trolls who have finished with all their primary targets as success.


One glance at Donald Trump’s Twitter feed should destroy the perception that people who are identified by their real names will exhibit more civility online.


Dear british fuck,

You do know who George Orwell is, and that he was british, right?

Read 1984, for fucks sake.

-the entire fucking internet

P.S.- perhaps you will understand what privacy is and freedom are if you yourself were asked to identify yourself at all times. Maybe if you had neither you would understand the incredible unfathomable level of fucking stupidity you just displayed.

Please go jump into the Thames with the rest of the trash, k thx bye


The government has, they think it is an instruction manual.


Gee, what could ever possibly go wrong?

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