Ukrainian science fiction subgenre predicted current conflict


I wonder why they call this “science” fiction?

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Because science fiction has an identity problem?

I can’t read Russian or Ukranian, and I don’t suspect many of these novels are on a fast track for translation, so I can only speculate to what sub-genre of science fiction I think they should be assigned.

The cover art on the example in Cory’s article suggests “techno-thriller.”

EDIT: And this is all beside the point of what the article is really about.

I know. I was just being a DB.


I’m just waiting for this conspiracy theory to be officially announced. The cult of Putin isn’t that much different from that of Kim Jong Un. I remember talking to a Russian national who refused to believe that Litvinenko was poisoned by the Russian government and that it was “obvious” that Britain poisoned him to discredit Putin.

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