Ultra slow-motion camera stretches one second into an hour

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The California DMV can do that too.


Time is money.
90,000 fps is a heck of a lot of money and not much time.


Of course the simulation knows when it’s being recorded and fills in frames it would omit when we aren’t paying attention.



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So, imagine being able to do this deliberately. How would your interactions with the physical world change? Would you be able to move at the time rate you perceive, or would it just take a really long time for things to happen? Would forces like gravity affect you differently?



@BakerB - Ask a sloth? They might have an inkling.

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Bill Viola got a lot of attention 20 years ago doing similar things


If you can move at the time rate you perceive you are the flash, or at least in that ballpark. I think a lot of comics and a TV show have been devoted to exploring that, so I don’t think I could write anything very interesting on the topic.

If you can’t move at that time rate, merely perceive and ponder at it? That may or may not be more interesting, but it is less explored.

So now anytime you realize extra thought is needed you can take the time for it, even in a crisis. You are the most level headed person around. You can always from a plan. It might not be a good plan though, you have only been given time to figure stuff out, not any additional intelligence.

You now speed read.

I recall a Sherlock Holmes movie (or TV series?) where it depicted him fighting by slowing time, making a detailed plan (with anatomical drawings), and then time returning to full speed and him carrying out the plan. I guess if you had this super power you would literally be able to fight this way. At least if you knew more about anatomy than I do, and practiced some sort of fighting art (which I don’t).

If you work in a field that requires a lot of thinking, now you get to do it “instantly” (I’m a programmer, and a lot of my day is figuring out “why did it do that? What info do I need to collect in order to prove or disprove a theory?”, I can now do that super fast (from the outside world’s point of view), but I also spend time compelling things, and in meetings, and searching my logs for the new debugging output I added, or varying other stuff that I would get absolutely no advantage out of slowing time for).

So not nearly as useful as “being fast like the flash”, but if someone is handing out free superpowers and this is the one I got? I would for sure find it useful. Hopefully it doesn’t attract any billions though because I’m utterly unprepared to deal with them, and honestly wouldn’t really want to need to train for it.

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Anyone has the tech specs for this camera?
Can we do macro and micro photography with it?

In biology, I know a bunch of people who would like to do this…

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This is some really hypnotic stuff. I’m also kind of bummed that reality doesn’t work the same way as cartoons do with “smear frames”


Beers on the wall!

Phantom TMX 7510.


(None of their pages will inbox for some reason.)

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This was recorded at “only” 7200 frames per second. Still pretty cool.


It’s amazing how quickly the balloon bursts, even at that insane frame rate. It’s the only thing that doesn’t just basically come to a complete (and therefore visually rather uninteresting) standstill.

Also, don’t forget to watch the full video.


I have had teachers like that

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