Ulysses pacts and spying hacks: warrant canaries and binary transparency


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2015/08/20/ulysses-pacts-and-spying-hacks.html


That disinterested third party is only as disinterested as the spooks will allow it to be, as shown by the TrueCrypt project’s abrupt dissolution


Another flaw in the plan is that Microsoft could be, and has been pressured to backdoor everybody.


Why one third-party maintained server? Why not a distributed solution?

The Man can get some of us. The Man cannot get all of us.

Edit: Would some blockchain-style solution work here?

That’s why we need robust, easy to use reverse-engineering tools.

I bet the adversaries already have them, expensive and covered with NDAs and requiring security clearances to even hear about. We need the same, but free and open.


My personal favorite was the poster several people sent out to libraries a while back, when ubiquitous surveillance first became a widespread thing: NO GOVERNMENT AGENCIES HAVE SERVED US WITH SEARCH WARRANTS TODAY. WATCH FOR THE REMOVAL OF THIS POSTER.


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