Unintentionally funny voice-over-IP demo from 1978

Oh man. I sank so much money into those.

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Am I wrong, or does Bosley the main speaker guy keep calling the only female participant on the call BY HER SURNAME?
“Drew you’re the first to join”
“Drew, can you have all your team for the call tomorrow?”

Her name appears to be “Debe Drew”. Others are “Bob Parker”, “Randy Cole”, etc.
(See timestamp 4:16 for names)

ETA: Bob gets called “Parker” at least once. But Randy and Danny get addressed properly. Weird.

The conference call system still had some bugs to iron out, and it uploaded and digitised his soul.The look on his face was the remaining body and mind and the never-ending pain from its new soulless existence.

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Now remember, Danny, this is a voice conference. We can’t hear you nodding.

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The conference call needed a barking dog.

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calling the only female participant on the call BY HER SURNAME?

Drew is called “they”, maybe they aren’t strictly female? Or at least just prefer to be called “Drew” (and perhaps just prefer “they”?) These people clearly know each other and would, I assume, know what names etc. to use with their colleagues. The telex message is adressed to “Drew” as well, I assume she or they just use that name all the time. It’s not unusual for people to prefer to be referred to by a name that’s not simply their first/given name.

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Haha, right. Plus repeated requests that “Everyone please go on mute” to mitigate that and similar intrusions (keyboard noises, noisy eating, Danny humming a jaunty little tune…)

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