If Google were a 1980s BBS


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Only problem is the modem sounds. Modems didn’t sound like that in the 80s!

Way simpler.

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Obviously that’s the sound of the broadband hi-speed internet modem of today. Much faster. More complex.

BBC CEEFAX was about this level of awesome

Yah, in the 1980s ones the sounds were simple enough that you could directly hear if you didn’t sync up (wrong baud rate or parity). I remember when I first heard a fast one - never trusted those complex noises.

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Was anyone immediately thrown off by the greeting to ‘anonymous’, rather than an exhortation to join Google+?


What’s with all the colors? I worked at a college in the 1980s that had some pretty expensive monitors and terminals, and the only colors we had were green/black, white/black, and a fancy amber/black.

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Didn’t someone post this some 3 years ago or did I see it somewhere else?

Commodore C64 (or C20 even) hooked up to the TV in the living room. Colours! Lots of beautiful colours! Hey, even the Sinclair ZX 81could do colour.

Nicely done, but I could swear I saw this or a similar implementation some years ago. Might not have been via BB, though.

Back in the 70’s, I had a friend who could whistle a perfect 300-baud control-G…

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There was this guy who connected his laptop to Google for reals with an old 1964 300 baud modem.


Wow. Thanks for the link! Just look at that box!
I move we start calling this sort of thing transistorpunk.

If you’re going to squee over old hardware, I still have my old sewing-machine-sized IBM Portable PC, complete with the expansion chassis which housed additional drives and adapters. XT motherboard with a 286 processor speed-up card and a numeric coprocessor (can’t use both at once, though), running DOS 3.1. CGA driving orange (9"?) CRT monitor. Unfortunately the MWave DSP/modem card suffered a lightning strike.

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