Unintentionally self-working magic


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The best part was when the magic unintentionally self-worked.


Unintentionally self-worked magic is an entire genre worth exploring.


And crushes a small child under a television and bookshelf… Ow.


Off to St. Mungos.


I’m sure those kids completely “disappeared” before the parents came home. Presto!

If that were me an my brother, we’d try to put everything back and blame all the broken bits on the cats.


Pretty sure its an illusion… Kid purposefully held arms to the side and fell purposefully. It’s a trick!

I wanna say this is a dupe, but maybe I didn’t see it here.


An antique, but funny.


Pretty clearly staged if we watch the blonde kid. He knows how to hold himself and where to drop to get out of the way.

It remains impressive and I had to rewatch it to confirm.


I’ve seen this one before. I think I recall it turned out to be staged. I think it was an ad for something or other (insurance?).


It was staged. The kids are fine.

“…a viral advertising campaign for a German variety show called GOP Varietéshow”




They’ve got nothing on the American GOP Shitshow.


Shouldn’t we link to the original video with 24 million views instead of linking to a lower quality copy with 141 thousand views? https://youtu.be/AEPvSo8bE2I

By the way, that YouTube channel has other videos from the same ad campaign.


Yep. GOP theatres are all over Germany. We have one here in Munich. Acrobats, contortionists and magic shows, all based around a theme.


Given definition provided- my life is unintentional self-working magic.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Published 2011. Which means those kids are (cough) grownups now.

I like the thought that they can pull out this video every time they want to impress someone. “Look, I was famous for several seconds, and I’m still famous every now and then! Look, I’m on BoingBoing!” :slight_smile:


I kept watching it, especially the post-tablecloth-trick carnage, over and over, laughing. Which felt a bit weird before I knew for certain it was a trick. (I guess because it’s obvious the kid isn’t hurt - he goes right for the base of the cabinets, so they sort of fall over him, rather than on top of him.)
This is even funnier with the three set-up videos that came before it.


I still think I much prefer the German-version of GOP Varieteshow to our own…GOP Scheisseshow.

Edit: @blondie beat me to it.


That’s actually why Sigfried and Roy’s started their menagerie .