United Airlines CEO lied - David Dao was calm and polite, not "belligerent"


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wait wait wait… Mark, are you telling us??

a corporation LIED to us???

oh my, I cannot believe this!!! :confused:


I’m not going to “like” your post, Mark, because I very much don’t like what happened, but I really do appreciate you passing this information on to us non-facebook types.


Now, United stating he was belligerent IS maligning his character. So I am going to assume now that Dao’s lawyer will be adding “defamation” to the lawsuit.

Hey United, that will be another $1.5 mill…good job guys.


What’s crazy to me is that it seems none of the employees in the command chain thought this might not be the best way to get their employees to the next airport… They clearly thought there was no alternative in place if the passengers failed to volunteer their seats. It seems that corporate pressure was such that the personnel felt that the repercussions would be greater if they failed to get those staff-members to the next flight, than a lapse in wellbeing of their paying customers. In other words, they must have felt felt they’d be held personally responsible for a future delay more than if they mis-treated a customer. They probably didn’t expect the police to brutalize anyone, but they clearly enabled it to happen… Just seems like a very dumb way to go about things, but they are used to treating passengers like cattle at this point.


Well, this video contains, obviously, one set of facts, but what about United’s alternate facts? don’t those matter??


Also, since I didn’t see it carried out with him, I think he lost his hat.

“Your Honor, we seek $5 million in compensation for direct damages, $25 million for pain and suffering, $135 million in punitive damages, a consent decree for United to change their booking practices and operations so this never happens again …”, then, turning to opposing counsel with a look of triumphant contempt, " and a hat."


Yeah, I mean it’s almost as if people will just make stuff up, rather than admit that they’re in the wrong.

What sort of craziness is that?



Perfect! :thumbsup:


When you start from the assumption that you are entitled to get what you want, with a side of servile cringing, it doesn’t take much to look ‘belligerent’ or ‘disruptive’.

It’s also possible that the “communicator of the year” might have relationship with the truth characterized by philandering and routine abuse… That would be a surprise.


As anyone who has been paying attention to police brutality over the years knows, anything less than immediate boot licking obedience has been redefined as resistance, belligerence, and an assault on law enforcement.


“and that guy’s hat”.

Fixed that for you.


The CEO probably feels that anything other than total and complete compliance with demands is “belligerent”.

(Sort of like how no matter how politely I phrase it, some TSO’s get their hackles up when I say I am opting out of the bodyscanner)


This CEO, still not being asked to leave the company, is a just another proof of United’s rotten directors board. He lied about overbooking, he called that horrible accident “re-accommodation”!!! He is disgrace and UA stays disgraced while headed by this scumbag.


Yes. This.


The lack of all proportion between corporate sums and regular guy sums I think causes more harm than good. Instead of 1.5 million in play money, I think the CEO should be ordered to pick lettuce for one season.


I’m shocked to see that this violent indignity was visited on a visible minority, shocked!


Assaulting their feelings


I would dearly like to show the CEO in question some belligerence right up close. Purely in the interests of education. I feel it would present the chap in question with one of 'em teachable moments.