United rewards security researchers with air miles

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“million miles away” Plimsouls:

Hang on now, someone recognized a problem, told the people who could fix it and then the company responded by giving them something that literally costs them nothing but is gratefully appreciated?

Jeez, let’s hope every firm starts responding like this, United just proved it wasn’t that difficult.


This is exactly how a company should respond to a hacker telling them about a security issue.


This gave me a warm tingling in my heart.

Airline miles do cost the airlines money, but – yes – this is the right thing to do. Shocked that United, of all airlines, is behaving so smartly.

Contrast and compare this method with the story 3 headlines later, about the UK spyware-providing company and its reaction to being told, “Hey, you have these security vulnerabilities.” Goofus and Gallant much?

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They’re fake airline money that can only be used in their closed system. They made these guys millionaires with airplane money that would take a seat that might theoretically be paid for on a plane that was flying that day anyway.

I’ve flown ten times this year so far and every flight has had at least one empty seat next to me that, if paid for by airline miles, would literally have cost the airline nothing.

Miles probably cost the airline something, probably 5-10% of the time, but overall, they cost the airline nothing and increase customer loyalty. A business seat on a US domestic flight is 30,000 miles anyway, so the airline saves actual money in return for 33 flights they were making anyway. Total win-win.

Maybe they realized that United Breaks Guitars song cost them more than doing the right thing.

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