Unsealed evidence: former Uber execs covered up evidence in stolen self-driving tech case

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2017/10/03/unsealed-evidence-former-uber.html


Amateurs. They should know that you format a hard drive, not an OS. And if you’re concerned about data being recovered, just physically destroy the drive. Their ignorance is amazing.


Eh - they’re just disrupting perjury.


On that note, it’s always a surprise how computer-illiterate many successful “tech” executives are.

If you think that’s bad, you should see how business-illiterate many avowed Libertarian executives are.


What makes an executive successful is not killer tech skills.


“OK Google: How do I commit corporate espionage and sexual harassment without being caught?”


That’s going to light up a flare on the Big Board in the Google Command Center. /s

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So obstruction of justice? Or is that one of the crimes we don’t charge executives with?

In theory if they are using FileVault they don’t have to do that, a simple reformat will lose the keys…or telling “Find My Mac” the thing has been lost and to obliterate the wrapped keys would do it.

In practice if you watch what the NSA does with hard disks and SSDs before recycling computers they are a bit more conservative. “The device is to be turned over for recycling or donation only after the disk drive or SSD has been transformed into a liquid state and then back to solid”

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