Unusual dongle adapts life to death

While not going to kill you I still found it funny.


Also combed through my collection to find this gem.


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You can buy so many illegal use converter power cables, and so many people think that just because it fits together it is right.

Your new UPS requires a twist-lock 30A power outlet? Just buy a converter cable to go to the NEMA5-15 outlets you have. Never mind the overloaded wire and fire.

I think people buy the male to male cords because the proper generator cable connection looks just sooooo wrong.

Many other countries power connections don’t have the holes in the blades, which is a very US centric thing. I see many references to “cheap chinese knockoffs”, but its really more dependant on the country, not if it is cheap knockoff.

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I have a set of lock picks which would do a better job of that, paired with alligator clips.

Reminds me of the BOFH’s trusty Mains power to RS-232 plug for killing people who have printer problems.



A less dangerous use case is when stringing up holiday lights and discovering that you put one string in backwards.

And even that outlet is wired backwards. It appears the hot side is the left on that thing, when the right side is supposed to be hot.

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From the Amazon link for the double male power cord:

Can Be Used With Generator, Power Inverter Or Any Adequate Electricity Source

It makes total sense, it’s for a power inverter!

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