UPDATED: Ransomware creeps steal the entire St Louis library system


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Why did I go read the /. Comments? Why?


This one seems easy enough to solve, Wipe the computers and reload with Linux.


What the hell is “Bitocin”?

Something like pitocin aka oxytocin? They didn’t even give any units? 1.5ml? 1.5L? 1.5mg? How in the hell are we supposed to know how much to inject them with? Sloppy.

(Yeah, I know being a spelling nazi on teh intarwebz is probably one of the least fulfilling things to do with my time, but mocking asshats like this that can’t even proofread their ransom demand is at least a wee bit of fun).


You hate yourself? You enjoy a good trainwreck? It feels better when you stop?


Why does /. still exist?


Criminy, if I were close to St. Louis I’d volunteer a day to go help wipe and reload these computers. This is where Microsoft could get some really nice free press by providing free media to help in the effort. (I’m presuming these were running Windows.)


For people with employment problems. Access to email for sending resumes and responding to job offers is vital.


Or restore from backups. Oh wait, they had none? Tsk tsk.


Why does BB still exist? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, can’t it go back to Rob Malda’s page on WindowMaker configuration?


If they catch these hackers, I hope they throw the book at them.


Because we still care.


& peeps still care about /. 2. :stuck_out_tongue:

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