Ursula K. Le Guin, 1929-2018


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Dead Celebrity

As a librarian, I found that to be some particularly sucky news. She was the tenor of my teen reading, and going forward as well. Godspeed, Ms. LeGuin; you will be fondly remembered.


I fell in love with ‘The Word for World is Forest’ when I was a young teen. Among other perspectives she embodied, I thought she was very effective at environmentalism.


As a reader, I feel pretty much the same. :frowning:


One of my absolute favorite authors. 88 is a good span, but I’m still thinking it’s too soon. The world would have been better with more of her writing, or had it paid more attention to what she had already produced.


I’ve been reading a lot of her writing about writing recently. She is always interesting.


The Dispossessed changed my life. I have since discovered that it does not make for a good book recommendation, as a lot of people seem to find it “too depressing.” I’ve been recommending the Four Ways to Forgiveness compilation to people a LOT since Black Lives Matter. I was just referencing “The Author of the Acacia Seeds” in a conversation last week. I was thinking of The Left Hand of Darkness just today, just because of the first line (“The king was pregnant.”), when I found out that Tammy Duckworth is pregnant and is going to be the first US Senator to give birth while in office.

So many lines of flight. So many things to say. So much lost.


I hope she got some money out of Avatar for that.


That one was my favorite. As a teenager, I used the book’s concept of “dothe energy” to psych myself up during bench presses in the basement. It worked!


She was right up there with Vonnegut / Bradbury / and many other for me.



The prime minister of New Zealand is also expecting.


Sad to hear the news. One of my most-favorite authors.
Her’s was a bright path across our storied sky.

(edit because I’m an idiot and too sad to see clearly. something in my eye.)


As it happens I’m currently reading The Left Hand of Darkness, it’s excellent. Recently read The Dispossessed too, not sure why I slept on her stuff for so long…



So saddened by this! I first read the Earthsea Trilogy probably 40 years ago. One of my favorite authors. RIP.


Yeah, I was going to say.


I am simply so grateful for Ursula—whom I had the opportunity to meet and interact with three times—who held a torch up for so many of us. For damn near four decades her words, and the images and feelings they evoked have been a near-constant presence in my heart and mind.


The Dispossessed for me, was like a love letter written to me 35 years before I eventually read it. :slight_smile:


Some of her writing on the web for those who do not have her in you own library: "The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas


As per this guy: