US border officials will examine 5 years' worth of visa-seekers' social media posts

Strangely, one of the most abused visas are the temporary religious worker (R-1) visas. Yet every time there’s an effort to reform or close that, the church lobbies start banging away against it.

Religious Visa Workers Fear Program Overhaul July 13, 2007, Karin Brulliard, Washington Post

If nationalist politicians could get to work on that, that would be great.



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I never knew there was such a thing as a R-1 visum. Interesting… Maybe I’ll just get ordained online and travel as a missionary.


It’s supposed to be for religious groups to bring experienced religious workers into America to do religious jobs that they can’t find Americans to do.

In practice, it’s abused all to hell.

For example, Scientology brings in “Sea Org” recruits from places like Russia, Italy, Mexico and Hungary, and uses them as low-level staff in their secular hotels in Clearwater, Florida. The visa is good for five years, and in that time they can be working on their green card, or arranging a sham marriage with an American. Scientology holds on to paperwork like their passports to make it harder for them to disappear or return home.

The main religious groups protect Scientology against inspection or tightening regulations because “thin edge of the wedge” and they probably don’t want their own R-1 visa applications looked at too closely.


I would think that Facebook would readily give them access to the private posts. People who apply for a visa are not US citizens and therefore not subject to the (limited) privacy protection granted to US citizens.


They only have space for 6 email addresses? I currently have at least 30.


I’m a level 12 Thetan, I can teleport… but seriously, from time to time I’ve been wondering about stuff like that. In order to operate their scam globally, they must be good at working out details like this.

They have a seriously huge war chest for the small size of their membership. They’ve hired really good law firms, and have the home field advantage in any case involving the first amendment (and it always does). They have playbooks for handling the Democrats and Republicans. They have lobbyists in Washington. Not big money by Washington standards, but targeted and they trade favors with other groups.

Closing their R-1 visa pipeline would doom them faster than losing their IRS religious charity status.

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America could use a similar level of diligence in vetting presidential candidates and their appointees…


DHS, for all their bureaucratic torpor, at least has a some of folks that are trained and care about doing their job. The US Senate has Jim Inhofe.

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