US smart traffic flow systems vulnerability would allow a single car to mess up intersection timing

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Looking forward to bricking my beater trying to reflash the firmware because it caught a virus on the highway.


I wonder how the amount of chaos that would cause compares to just parking a car in the intersection, locking the doors and leaving it there. Would cost a lot less, no?

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I remember this! It was The Italian Job, right?


I can’t find any independent confirmation that all new cars are equipped with this connected vehicle technology.

If I could use it to flip the lights at intersections where the inductive sensors don’t see my licensed 250cc scooter, that’d be great.

Uh-oh, bad idea, bad idea:

Among a limitless number of possible uses, CVT can determine if a vehicle will run a red signal and can hold the conflicting traffic back so that serious, right-angle high-speed collisions can be avoided.

Won’t someone think of the unintended consequences?

Isn’t it sorta weird that the dude who goes on and on about security theater is always the first one to amplify anything involving network security?

It’s a proposed rule. The Trump NHTSA is slow-walking it, but it’s probably still on the way.

The first V2V-equipped vehicle was the 2017 Cadillac CTS.

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