US unemployment timelapse highlights 2008 crisis

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Shit - no wonder I couldn’t find job back then. And I thought it was because I sucked. Well that probably didn’t help…


No way, you’re the best, it was the crooked media. The system is rigged!


Don’t feel bad.

I remember quitting a particularly egregious employer (but still being awarded unemployment), then two weeks later - the hiring freeze.


This could pretty much be used as an advertisement for the Democratic Party.

Starts pretty mediocre under Bush 1, improves steadily under Clinton, gets a bit worse for a while under Bush 2, then better, until the big crash in 2008, then gets progressively better under Obama to the present day.


Except that who was in power rarely has anything directly to do with the economy. And when things go south, they are often set up for the failure years before hand. The 2008 crash was partially due to the bank deregulation under Clinton. Though the real culprit wasn’t government, but banks behaving badly.

So no, it is only pro Democrat if you don’t want to look at anything but the veneer.


True, though I would argue both Clinton’s and Obama’s policies encouraged recovery.

Plus, I like veneer. It makes for a beautiful surface over a functional structure.


Makes me wonder why that narrow strip down the center was affected so much less than either east or west.

There’s a reason it’s called flyover country. There’s a lot of rural, agriculture driven economy in the middle of the country, and I would guess that’s a bit more insulated from the kinds of things that cause fluctuation in employment in other parts of the country.

The year I finished high school, the Australian recession of the early '90’s kicked in.

All of the university entrance marks jumped 20% as the rich kids decided to sit out the downturn in college. I spent my first year out of school going for five job interviews per week without a single offer.

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