Usborne Book of the Future re-issued in UK

When I pulled the hardcover “The Way Things Work” off the bookshelf, it was clear that I had remembered correctly. The illustrations are humorously scattered with wooly mammoths from start to finish.


I must’ve missed that one. I never saw his stuff as a kid, my introduction to it was through sorting books as a used book buyer.

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I was born in Düsseldorf. That’s why they call me Rölf.

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At the risk of dating yourselves, do any other UK-infused BoingBoingers remember Look and Learn magazine which always featured beautifully-painted features on current and future technologies? And it had the very awesome The Trigan Empire series.

Meanwhile from this book - a hyperloop:


Yes. I am a child of the 70s disappointed with the dystopia my shiny promised future turned out to be.

International Tubeway Authority sounds like an angry Gary Numan project :thinking:


1: Düsseldorf 0:00
2: La Düsseldorf 13:17
3: Silver Cloud 17:48
4: Time 25:50

(Took me a while to find it again.)

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I love how software control systems in those days were called “robot controlled”. This was really common in 60s and 70s futurist stuff (even into the 80s a bit) because software running on an embedded invisible computer was not a concept people really had a word for, or an understanding of.


Rebellion actually reprinted a lot of the Trigan Empire recently. I got the first collection and the art remains gorgeous


Don Lawrence’s artwork is so amazing; like Ron Emberton’s illustrations.

@FGD135 Thank you for persevering. This sounds excellent.


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