Book of futuristic visions from 1979 starring R2-D2's cousin


That second image would make a great hero in an animated kids movie.

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That was a really fun, thought provoking, and surprisingly well-articulated read. I’m probably just being old-fashioned, but I wonder if this kind of curated experience is getting lost in the internet age. A book like that you can sit and look through for hours. Some of my best childhood memories are of spending hours looking through liberally illustrated over-sized non-fiction and speculative non-fiction books like this one.

Edit: This hit close to home (hopefully it’s okay to repost from the book):


David! Awesome, thank you!

When I was a kid, (millions of years ago) the local public library had this book and I would take it out constantly. I had almost completely forgotten about it and it’s retro-images of the future.

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“Exploring a heavy-gravity world in powered exo-skeleton, until the crotch of the suit saws you in half.”


My first thought as well. Honest question: wouldn’t the strong gravity be pulling all of your blood (and inner organs?!) down? I would think that the effect of being on a strong gravity world would be similar to pulling g’s in a plane, you’re going to pass out. Your fancy exo-skeleton isn’t going to help with any of that.

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+1 here. The Usbourne books in particular were phenomenal for my nascent imagination as a little tacker.

That’s what the g-suit is for. I can quite imagine it being adjusted for permanent g-force countering by having a peristaltic-like activity to assist blood flow.

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“To the year 2000 and beyond”. The far future was closer than we thought.

Wo what date represents the same distant time when viewed from 2015? I think it’s time to start preparing for “The 22nd Century”.

What were the ones with big cutaway drawings of the construction of a castle or a ziggurat or what have you? I could probably still look at those for hours.

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Yeppers, stuff like that. And they had a series on UFOs and Mythological Creatures … loved it! :smiley:

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