Explore a life without consequences in 'My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday'


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That is a pretty cool premise.


Also a plot in

which I read after being recommended it here on BBS, and tracked down one of one three copies in libraries across the US.


Wow. I’ll have to find that too. Roadside Picnic is one of the best SF stories I’ve read.


All SF novels by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. Based on the final Russian version prepared in the early 2000s (mostly adding parts removed by the Soviet censor board). In an excellent (German) translation.



I gather he lives each day forwards but then wakes up yesterday.

Unlike the way everything makes more sense if you live Backwards.


More importantly i don’t know there were more red dwarf books.


You don’t know? Do you mean you’re going to will have found out about them yesterday?


Swype typing.


I think it was more fun to imagine you were a time traveller… but then again, I guess that doesn’t mean you’re not!

Did the peeps in Sliders travel in time or was it just to alternate realities?


Jesus, I’m 26, and the phrase “The early 2000s” makes me feel like some old man…


would the phrase ‘early naughties’ make you feel any better?



Actually, yes. I’ve only seen “noughties” or “naughties” in science fiction. Therefore if I see “developed in the early noughties” I feel like I’m living in the future. Since nobody called it that at the time. But “early 2000s” makes me realize I’m now in the “late 2010s”


Yeah, I keep missing a decade when I try to quickly intuit when some past events happened… it’s only going to get worse a year or two after Blade Runner happens.


My magical cutoff is 2024. When the Laughing Man incident occurs in the Ghost in the Shell universe.

Watching the original movie as a middleschooler I was completely convinced that by 2024 we’d have cyberbrains, and decent consumer robotics, and prosthetic limbs that do as good or better than our stupid soggy meat sticks.

My deepest fear is that we’ll never transcend having to look at screens or type on keyboards, or yell impotently at stupid cellphone microphones.


At this point, I’m praying for an AI takeover.


Well, the laughing man incident has already been replicated to an extent. Just not in any kind of way I’d like.

And in addition we’ve also already had Stand Alone complexes too.

Anonymous seems to be a real SAC FACTORY. An apparently concerted group effort without much organization with the absence of an original. They’re clearly in the territory of the hyperreal.


I meant AI overlords might be able to speed up the whole transcendence thing, but I’ll take what I can get. :slight_smile:


Taking what I can get is my specialty.