Used Aliens, The Galactic Pool Comedy Adventures Book 1


I’m always excited to see a book recommendation from you Jason. I just downloaded it to my Kindle. If you want some more humorous science fiction you should checkout First Contact: Or, It’s Later Than You Think (Parrot Sketch Excluded) by Evan Mandery. The author says that he was influenced by Douglas Adams, Woody Allen, and Monty Python. Based on your previous book recommendations, I think that you would like it. Oh, and keep the book recommendations coming.

Thank you. I appreciate the compliment and the recommendation.

Bass fishing SF, sounds like a plan. I’ll recommend a humorous good read, too, which I think has been fairly influential, as well - Christopher Anvil’s “Pandora’s Planet”, the first novel.

If buying from Amazon in Canada: The kindle version does not work on the .ca site, you have to buy from .com site. I had to phone their help line to get that to work so you might have to be persistent to get it.

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