Utility companies go to war against solar

Wow- that does not sound like fun atall! Most places, the city gets the bill for the street lights, at least.

I think they (can’t believe I’m saying this) did a better job with planned communities in So Cal. They have very minor HOA fees for upkeep of landscaping and such - but all the pools and stuff, minus the gates. Every street large has a bike lane, so that’s nice. but private homes are still like…private homes.
Still all those things have boards running them, and usually you have to serve to get anything done - if even then.

And if we were IN a city, they would. I live outside the city limits. As for fun, there’s a perfectly good County recreational park with ball fields, playgrounds, etc, less than a mile away.

Bike Lanes ? DEFINITELY a city thing.

And I’m well familiar with HOAs. . .just got elected to the board of mine a few weeks ago. Previous board wanted to bring in a management company, doubling our dues in the process.

It’s a tried and tested technology that might just be starting anew. Several projects on a larger scale are already launched or in the design phase.
Shouldn’t be too complicated adjusting the concept for home use as more or less everything you need is off-the-shelf stuff. For example coal mines did everything with compressed air including powering trains down in the mines before electrical gear could be reliably insulated.


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Good luck to you, then. I served on my board, as well. The majority of crooked investors (as opposed to homeowners in residence) trashed every effort we made. But I’m still glad I did it - because now I’ve got the goods on them, and they’re going down. Sometimes, a curse turns out to be a blessing (bwah-ha-Hah!)

Oh - re: bike lanes. Not so much, there. I was referring to Orange County. It has cities, but the lanned communities are entirely ‘burbs’.

We don’t have a lot of “investors” per se, we DO have a lot of Feds on overseas tours who are renting their homes out while deployed (neighborhood is heavy on Fed Law Enforcement and Intelligence types. . .)

We have a word here for bike lanes in DC Metro. They are jokingly referred to as the Roadkill Lane. Not so much for the bikers, as for the pedestrians who get hit by bikers who don’t appear to think that such things as traffic lights and stop signs apply to THEM. . .

Well, there’s an even worse downside to the communities of Orange County.

They’re in Orange County. I’m pretty much convinced that any place that boasts a ‘Housewives’ reality show - or maybe, any reality programming at all - is just a place you don’t want to live, lol.

Yeah, it will be a LONG time before they do the “Real Rednecks of the Shenandoah Valley” . . .

That is way TL;DR. You should just put out a sign that says “fuck you” and deliver the same message in way fewer characters.

I know, I’m bad…


Heh - I don’t even know what they’d call it if they did one here. ‘Real Hasidic Caribbean Gangsta Snowbirds of SoFLuh’? Sooo much to choose from!

Yes. Yes, you are.

'sides, it’s fun chasing proseltisers away. Just gotta get your psycho on, but in an overly-friendly way. (They want to prove their faith - and you’re just helping out, lol.)

We tried that. Originally, it was a “No solicitors” sign. People kept ignoring it. When we pointed it out, they claimed that they were SPECIAL, that it didn;t apply to THEM. . .

So I got creative. . . after a weekend where ALL the use cases mentioned happened. . .

I have an idea that would work anywhere that’s densely populated. Gain ownership of the sidewalk in front of your home, build a funneling fence with a turnstile at the center, with a small turbine hooked up to it!


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Shouldn’t that be “fuck off”? Or slightly longer “Fuck you if you don’t fuck off”.

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I have a basement that’s only kept dry in excessively wet conditions by a pair of sump pumps.
Fortunately, I’ve never had the power go down for more than a few hours during those wet times (a 4-hour outage got half the basement wet, but not deep). I’d love to have a solar panel and some offline batteries. Expensive? yes. Cost-effective as far as my utility bill? No. Cost-effective as far as not floating everything in my basement and destroying my furnace? YES.

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Offtopic but useful: If you have municipal water, you may want to investigate backup sump-pumps powered by water pressure. Even more inefficient, but makes maintaining the power someone else’s problem.

(Should look into that myself. I only need the pump during major events, but that’s exactly when you don’t want to have to go shopping…)

Got a well; another reason to be off-grid.

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Granted; you definitely have reason to want some local power storage and/or generation. (Of course the power storage could be kept topped up by the power line – basic UPS setup – whether or not you’ve got solar.)

I’d watch that.

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Then the answer is a generator. That should give you some peace of mind. (And that is not a thing you want to try to buy following a natural weather occurrence. The gouging is just…ouch!)

Edit to add: Generators do require routine maintenance, though, even when you aren’t using them.

Heh - come to think…I may get annoyed, at times, but I could never get bored people-watching around here, lol.

But hey. FL is the Sunshine State. We put the ‘rayz’ in ‘crazay’, and even that gets done sideways!

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