Vaxxers on the left vs right

Tip: If you’re going to tell me what I said, don’t throw air-quotes around something that I didn’t.

Here’s a list of celebrities, you tell me where they fall on your left-right line:

(Toss the Scientologists into the cryptid box.)


So…explain to me how class traitors practising a version of the opiate of the masses can be left wing, tovarishch?

Seriously, the loss of meaning of technical political terminology is getting to me. You really can’t have a serious conversation about it any more.

I think we have all accidentally taken a wrong turning in the Trousers of Time and are headed down the trouser leg in which The Onion is reality. But at least we’re not in the one with President Bannon having just nuked Iran.


From the Washington post:

In the US, anyway, anti-vax fears do skew conservative. However, it’s fairly flat. It’s hard to look at that graph and see a clear left/liberal virtue.


Here’s another article with similar conclusions:

ETA: Actually he agrees that it’s not a left/right thing, but disagrees by saying that anti-vax increases the further from center in either direction.


New slogan for the Trump administration: “Straight from the pages of the Onion!”

But that only applies to childre… oh, right.

The difference being that the Trump administration is full of people who wouldn’t be plausible as cartoon villains.

For a while it was at least perceived as entirely a left-wing phenomenon, and though that was never true, there were definitely anti-vaxxers on the left, part of the hippie tradition of mistrusting the Western, for-profit medical industry (because of some pretty major fuck-ups on its part in the '60s). Now it seems to be more of a cross-partisan delusion. I know a few vaxxers, myself, and they’re old hippie types who think developing an immunity by getting directly infected with a potentially fatal virus or bacterium is preferable to a vaccine just because it’s “more natural.” (I’m not even kidding.)


If only.


And people called me barbaric for hoping that tRump and his cronies might get assassinated before they can start doing real damage, last november.


It was Cory’s unsupported assertion that the anti-vaccine movement belonged to the right that I objected to.


In technical fields, jargon is vitally important for correctly and accurately conveying the intended information. That’s why, for example, your anterior temporal lobe is your “anterior temporal lobe”, and not “that lumpy grey bit beside the squidgy thing that ends up going down the middle bit of your back”

Science is a technical field. Jargon is the language of science. Taking away someone’s language is always a great way to disempower them.


Wiki says: “Although it is not part of the national standard classes for forklift truck training, it’s often shown by instructors to lighten the mood.”

Which leads me to that old standby: “It’s german humor mate. It’s no laughing matter.”


I say that anti-vax isn’t a left-right thing, and you say the same, so I really don’t understand what your problem with me is.

There are articles linked up-thread that use survey results to show that it’s not a left-right thing, but you want me spend the time to research political backgrounds of key people and name names, which you will then probably reject using the No True Scotsman Leftie rule. Er, no.


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I’m basing on your statement here:

It’s like everyone forgot the English language has plenty of synonyms and different ways of expressing the same sentiment.

Well, as I said - I know some personally, and they’re all lefties. So…

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One of the expressions being banned is “evidence-based”, and (unlike most of the others) that is a technical term in medicine, so I don’t think it will be possible to comply.

According to the WaPo article, this directive hadn’t yet made it to the scientists in the specialties (I assume it has by now!), so we haven’t yet seen the pushback, which will be immense.

Incidentally, w/r to the anti-vaxx argument above, the ‘movement’ does seem to be a little different in the US than in the UK. We have a home-grown alternative medicine tradition that is split between health nuts (think Road to Wellville) and religious nugroups (like Christian Scientists and Adventists, some of the earliest anti-fluoridation screed first appeared in the Watchtower), and many of the former, who do lean to the left, have fallen for it; that is why we have things like measles outbreaks in Marin County. The demographics are a bit closer to the UK’s electrosensitivity believers.

PS to @Sven_Aitnenton: Welcome to BoingBoing. As you stick around you will get a better idea of who people are before you decide to pick fights with them.


Living in LA, I too find that every antivaxer I know is pretty far left.

I’ve heard that ley-lines and empowered crystals and Feng Shui all cause autism.


This conversation has strayed pretty far from banned words. Or are we having an argument at this point over the effectiveness of the CDC? I’m reticent to wade back through all the bickering about anti-vax political alignment.


Well, I was going to link you to the CDC, but that link is gone (thanks, Trump!). There’s this, coupled with this.

By the way, as you claim to have been lurking here for more than a few days, you will know that repeatedly asking people to provide citations for their assertions, without providing any for your own, is not a beloved form of interaction image