Venezuelans with transplanted organs are dying due to a lack of drugs

Is that true, though? I see so many arguments from Venezuelans who play act as middle class but are actually in the 1% of their society that I get rather cynical. Is someone living in a favela really going to be given an organ transplant? That strikes me as unlikely.

It definitely happens. I have family that somewhat recently moved to Chile and they’ve heard of and seen quite a bit of anti-Venezuelan sentiment. Thankfully they themselves have had a positive experience in the community they’re at but there’s very strong hatred right now for Venezuelan immigrants :frowning: Heard the same from friends that live in Spain.

The possibility for it is there, families can have a good support system of extended family and friends. An aunt of mine lives in a barrio (we don’t use the term favela) and she was able to get chemotherapy when it was discovered she had cancer some years ago. So please stop talking about things you don’t understand as fact.


Someone is seeding this hatred just waiting for the right moment to get the profit. I don’t know nothing about the other countries, but We are going to elect the next president next november. The xenophobic hate speech will reverbate on the TV and social media soon.

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Maybe there’s a need for a friendly service reminder to people from the US? The average US citizen’s experiences with health care is not typical for much of the rest of the world.

A lot of countries have universal medical assistence. Some are great, some are bad and some could be very efficient.

If you are so interested, you can actually open the original Reuters article, see the photos, and tell me if it looks like the woman on that bed is rich.

Or not. Whatever, I’m done answering you.

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I have. She does look like she could be.

I’m Canadian.

I literally said I didn’t understand and was asking questions.

I understand you’re looking for clarification but:

“Is that true, though? I see so many arguments from Venezuelans who play act as middle class but are actually in the 1% of their society that I get rather cynical. Is someone living in a favela really going to be given an organ transplant? That strikes me as unlikely.”

That’s a really leading question. That being said I’m not interested in shaming anyone for asking questions, but you must understand that this is very real for us that have friends and family in Venezuela. In fact my grandma isn’t doing well healthwise and my family had to make the hard decision not to pursue surgery because she’d likely not survive the recovery period.

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I know how that feels. Best of health to your grandmother.


No, you were making assumptions and then asking if they were correct.

Allow me to demonstrate. In exaggeration.

I don’t want to be rude, but you haven’t been to Venezuela? And you don’t have friends or relatives there? Because Canada is so far away, and so few people there speak Spanish? Also, most Canadians surely don’t tolerate the heat? If they would go, their brain would melt. And my sympathy for them would be somewhat lessened by the fact that, allegedly, they are unempathetic to people subject to terrible healthcare.

That said, I note in all earnest: don’t even care if someone who dies because immune suppressants are running out has more wealth than someone who dies because they are malnourished. Both things must not happen.


But BOTH happen, today, and tomorrow, and until further notice, FFS, in Venezuela.

Disclaimer: as I wrote elsewhere, I have family with a transplanted organ. This hits home. Fuck this shit.

Sure, but if 1 person dies because they don’t have immune suppressants and 1000 people die of malnutrition and lack of basic health care, one is more important than the other.

My dad has a transplanted organ, so it hits home for me too. I know he’s only alive because we live in a society where the basics like food and health care are made available to everyone, not just a rich elite.

You started weighing lifes against each other.

You should really stop.

You are not only on a slippery slope of logic here, but in an ethical minefield.

Just stop.

Uh, no, I am literally weighing lives equally here. If you have a problem with that, the ethical worries lie with you.

Sucks to be a Libertarian right now.

To love cryptocurrency so much.

While hating those fucking socialist Venezuelans.

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You are suggesting that it is ok for a rich person to die if they are the reason for poor people dying. You are suggesting that the people in the picture are likely rich. You are suggesting that only rich people get treatment.
You say you are just asking questions. Your are making assumptions.

You were saying that your sympathy would be limited.

That means you would be ok with those people to die, does it? If they live on the expense of others dying?

For your father to live, there were others who did not recieve a donor’s organ. There are not enough organs for everyone. Ethical dilemma. There are processes implemented to ensure nobody “buys” one. But what about younger patients? Patients with a higher post-transplantation life expectancy? With a healthier lifestyle?

Where to stop?

You can ask if processes to ensure equality are equally implemented somewhere else, of course. However, you go beyond that.

But you are insinuating that the dying people this report mentions are less important than other people dying, because they are possibly morally or ethically corrupt, because their life would be valued by a medical system more than other lifes.
And you are doing this based on your general assumptions about Venezuela as a banana republic.

Please. Don’t.

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Everyone has assumptions. There’s nothing to be done about that, aside from being willing to challenge them and have them challenged.

Yes, there aren’t enough organs for everyone, so we have to make triage decisions about them. We do prefer people who are likely to get more benefit from them such as younger or otherwise healthier people. We start to get into really murky ethical areas when we allow one’s wealth to be considered there, though.

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