Venezuela: 'After being promised paradise we are living in a nightmare.'




I have read too much disinformation regarding Venezuela over the past ten years to give this article any credence.


And yet, that's the goal isn't it?
Propaganda as a tool to make people not care.

(I know you didn't say you don't care, I am not actually saying you don't care and I am not actually talking specifically at you, I'm talking with you)

I mean, its so hard to tell the truth from the propaganda that we cannot help but become passive out of helplessness. And it seems to apply to just about anything that's too big, like wall street bankers and climate change.

I'll take this as a starting point though, see what's verifiable and what's not.


Agreed. It's a big ol' mess. Every powerful side involved seems to have have an interest in suppressing information that disagrees with them and a reckless disregard of the truth.

The only consistent thing I've been able to get out of the Venezuela reporting is that there are a lot of very powerful people with a strong interest in remaining very powerful, and the average go on the street is going to be the one who ends up suffering for it.


This happy mutant supports the democratically elected government of Nicholas Maduro. So no.

I cannot recommend enough for those looking for a more informed critique of events unfolding in Venezuela.


You are supporting a government that, as the video and pictures shows clearly, is repressing brutally its citizens, murdering them, and sitting idly as paramilitary groups shoot unarmed civilians.

Thanks for letting us knows that you support people in power instead of powerless citizens.


I have a bunch of old classmates & such who still live in Venezuela (I moved to the U.S. from Venezuela 20 years ago) and from following them on Facebook & Twitter I get the impression that this article is a very accurate description of what's going on now and what's been going on for the last 15 years.


Who would have guessed?


Does one need to pick a side? I mean I can't even understand why Venezuela charges its citizens less for gas than it costs to make let alone what the various factions in Venezuela believe in.


Not being defensive, but I do care about the people of Venezuela and loathe American hegemony.


The video shows nothing of the sort. Heavily armed paramilitaries? Please.

Let's be clear. The opposition in Venezuela is in crises after so many electoral defeats. Capriles is resigned to dialogue. And the more militant violent wing of the opposition, represented at this time by Lopez, is having none of it. Cue public faction fight in the guise of a popular uprising against Maduro.

How dumb do you think we are?


Maybe you haven't noticed, but the pigs have grown adept at using their trotters for hands, are wearing suits, and have started to claim "four legs good, two legs better."


Supporting Maduro as elected president is all well and good, seems to me that some people must have supported him even if the claims of corruption are true (which I'm not saying they are) but voting for a candidate based on what he promised (you believed) he was going to do, does not automatically mean you must agree with every action taken after you cast your vote does it?

I'm asking what is your opinion on the situation, and what has been your observation of the events that are unfolding now.
What is your understanding of the positions of the different factions at play here and why do you support Maduro's handling of the protests?

If I can't trust the person who wrote this article then I see no reason to trust any other article either so actually hearing reason out is more helpful in understanding what's true and what's not.


Some of the videos show exactly that.

But here you have some more. The thing is that the police that acted so swiftly against some students does nothing against these people, again, again and again.

So, let's not mince words. You are supporting a government that murders dissenters. Deny the evidence all that you want, but it is obvious. I don't know why you invest energy and time in supporting the murderers and oppressors of my people, the corrupt hands stealing from them. I just hope you never get to see the day when deluded foreigners support the boot that stomps your skull. I would not wish this to even people like you, enablers of tyrants and murderers.


Another video:


While Capriles and his allies in the US State Department may have disputed the election of Maduro and leveled charges of fraud, the 170 international election observers found the election process transparent, well run, reliable and thoroughly audited.


I watched these videos and do not understand what they are intended to portray, as i do not speak Spanish. I see people throwing rocks, some kind of armed conflict, people on motorcycles and no context. Please explain.


Well, let me tell you, I'm from Mexico so the US campaign of destabilization in central America is not news to me, yes, they've been doing it for a looong time here in Mexico too.

Anyway, that is still beside the point, the crazy part here is that you seem to be hinting (you haven't actually said much, not directly anyway) that the protests were organized from the outside and therefore, don't represent Venezuelan's interests, which is a real debate to have.

But that would still be separate from the response the Venezuelan goverment has to these protests, even violent protests, isn't it?

I mean, the reason we're discussing this is that people protesting are getting killed, I don't really care who is president of Venezuela, but I can't see, and certainly not from the outside why the response to protests is being handled like an uprising and in doing so, causing one.


Thank You.
I really am not sure what to think and am trying to give OSGuido a chance to better explain. What i do know is that the Bush administration was supporting the anti-Chavez groups and was active in the attempted coup. I know the right wing in Venezuela hated Chavez and wanted him out {dead?}. I admired Chavez, but was concerned about the power he had attained. I hear stories of shortages and inflation and wonder as to the causes.
I am also well aware that neo-liberals of all ilk are not happy with the new Bolivarians.
I am thinking OSGuido is some kind of CIA troll - am I wrong?


Hi. Don't be an asshole. We are not in the business of publishing "CIA trolls."

Venezuela: 15 Years of Solitude