Verizon is finally killing Compuserve Forums


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Ave atque vale from 73647,2247!


Hidden in the CompuServe stuff, did they have the archived stuff from The Source, which CompuServe bought out in 1989?

“Storms come and go, the big fish eat the little fish, and I keep on paddling”


That ad copy is so sweet and innocent. Was there ever really such a time?


My teenage self would be hurt by this development were my favored Flightsim forum still around from 1994.

[insert lamentation about how Facebook ruined the internet]

Nobody even asks me “A/S/L?” anymore…


That artwork looks a bit like Al Jaffee might’ve drawn it. I also dug “Circle 226 on Reader Service Card;” I sent in a lot of those when I was 9.


And yet the Shingy abides…


Wow, I had no idea those forums still existed! It’s kind of like this thing I found on Usenet the other day…


Find the POC in that old ad is liking playing Where’s Waldo. Still probably more diverse than most ads at from the time.

Sure, but Usenetters reached a point of lamenting incoming noobs long before CompuServe was bought by AOL in the latter’s relentless mission to make sure every table in America had a shiny AOL CD coaster.


I spent many years in forums there, dBase and Pascal, TapCIS OzCIS and OzWin, and many long nights playing British Legends!



My first service and online ID… 75627.302
Happy days. Sad to see its remaining vestiges going dark.


Usenet is still there, complete with Archimedes Plutonium (who predates the noob invasion).


Oh, I know, and it will be long after CompuServe is wormfood. :slightly_smiling_face:


Fond memories of hooking up to CServe (and GEnie for those who remember that) and a mess of BBS systems on my treasured TRS-100 with the whopping 300 baud connection.

I can still recall how thrilled I was the first time I connected online…what a wild, strange trip it’s been.



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