Verizon mandates pre-installed spyware for all its Android customers


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A) You’re really quick with your memes, @Papasan,
2) What’s the over/under on Android users leaving Verizon as a result, and
d) Anyone think Apple will have a way to prevent this? Or are iPhone users screwed, too?


Androids have a long history of spying.


Apple doesn’t let any carrier make any changes to the phone outside of an app for the carrier. That’s why the carriers push the Android phones so much…those they can do whatever they want to.


A] I haven’t the foggiest idea what you’re referring to.
2] Apply the Zero Effect, that’s the result.
d] I just got off the Iphone with Steve Jobs, he says were all f’ed.


Android phones are cheap as hell, I don’t understand why anyone gets one from their carrier with bloatware and things like this.


The ones that care about this weren’t there in the first place.


That’s not really true, nor fair.

I’m one of them.


The problem is most people won’t give two craps until the poorly secured and readily accessible information is used against them by a angry ex (or current) child protective service or law enforcement body…Or until they are denied insurance coverage because they ordered too many Domino’s :pizza:


Why are you paying so much? Asking for a friend*.



Initially for the network coverage (when I started using Verizon, everyone else’s coverage over L.A. was spotty as hell) and then for a corporate employee discount.

Now… inertia. But that’s about to change.


That was quick. Why, it’s almost as though they already knew what the outcome was going to be.


Well, makes me glad I switched off of Verizon in favor of Google’s Project Fi last autumn.


This can be fixed by buying an unlocked phone that has no preinstalled bloatware, or rooting a phone to get rid of it all. If i had the app on my phone i think i’d consider rooting it though i’ve never been keen on the idea of doing so.


Reason #46 why people should buy their hardware outright and then get a sim and plan for a carrier.


Everyone should go over to the XDA forums and download the DEBLOATER program (windows). It allows you to disable apps on your android phone without needing root.

You should simply disable the OTA’s from Verizon to keep from getting any further updates, or disable this app directly and any of it’s companions.

Debloater allows you to re-enable these apps with a push of a button if you want to return to normal.



And that’s the thing. Even now there are plenty of places where you really don’t have decent coverage without Verizon. I’d have been off to some one else years ago if there was another option where I could get a signal at my house. Or more than a 1/4 of my town, and maybe 1/3 of the surrounding towns. And a data connection above “1x” at all. I keep hearing “So and so has 95% the same coverage area!”. Which is great. But I apparently live in that 5% gap.


That’s why I’m still part of a Verizon family plan… there are (geographically) large portions of the country that are very much part of that 5%, and not all of us live in metro areas. Historically, Verizon has had the best rural coverage (often the only rural coverage) thanks to their longstanding practices of buying up rural/regional operators and maintaining expanded roaming agreements with mom and pop cell owners. Much of that is invisible now, but it still means they are the one and only service provider for many rural areas. And, while Verizon generally has a reciprocity agreement with Sprint (thanks to shared bands and compatible technology), Verizon doesn’t always allow Sprint voice and data traffic through at the fringes of the network, due to 3rd party roaming/sharing agreements and costs, presumably. So if you’re in one of those fringe areas, you’ve got Verizon or you’ve got carrier pigeons (availability may vary, additional taxes and fees may apply, not available in areas with wind turbine facilities, not valid in AK).