Very short films about very small sculptures made from scraps

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Oh, these are fun! :grinning:

Those short films are REALLY short, and there are a lot of good still photos on her instagram and website. I remember what you said once about the importance for artists like this to develop good photography skills in order to share their work with the world. That’s especially true with tiny little pieces like this.

Edit - I think it’s liberating in a way that she specifies that the pieces aren’t intended to be slick and highly finished. They are more like sculptural sketches, rough edges and all.

Each 5in sculpture is created in a day, sits on a shelf at home and is deliberately rough. “They’re very forgiving because there’s no messing up.”

Ricci likes her pieces to have a slightly rough-around-the-edges look — not to be too perfect. “Because then it’s like doll furniture,” she says. “And that’s bad.”

She said she finds the process of recreating objects from scraps to be both satisfying and freeing.“At the end, you’re not like, ‘Oh, if I do this, am I going to mess the whole thing up?’ If you do, you just cover it up with another piece of paper.”

Also, when I was a broke-ass art student working on a project or needing to solve some kind of problem, the first think I’d do was dig through any wastebaskets in the area, or go hit a couple of dumpsters to see what free materials I could find to make whatever I needed.

I’m still drawn to using scrap paper, cardboard, plastic, metal or whatever to make things. If I have to break down and spend cash on a project I will hit the local thrift shops before going to an art supply store or DIY/hardware store.

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