Vicious by VE Schwab


Don’t you wonder what poor behavior Victor had before the start of the story? There were enough hints that he was not a “nice guy” but no detail of it. I could not tell if he killed small animals or was just antisocial.

Loved it and was pleasantly surprised by the resolution, as I was more expecting a literal “buried alive” ending. Minor quibbles – Even given some explanation, I had a hard time suspending belief that the public did not know about EO’s. Also that there were no psychic-type EO’s already around to interfere with Eli’s killing spree, somehow knowing about it from afar.

Victor, pre-change, seemed to have been introverted and maybe not aware of it. I didn’t get that his not nice was beyond anti-social behavior, I don’t think he was killing small animals or torturing bugs. Eli was a narcissist who also believed in God, post-change I think it just drove him insane.

Victors total lack of regard for life, however interested me a lot. He avoided killing for 10 years to avoid the consequences, not because he thought taking a life was wrong. He was very utilitarian about other people’s lives. Eli felt terrible about killing but thought he was doing it in God’s name. I kind of never felt he was really that true a believer tho.

I dunno, there was a lot that I might have liked done differently, but I really enjoyed the book. I find nothing wrong with that!

Just want to give credit for the wonderful cover illustration by Victo Ngai

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