Victory! Google will not bid on $10B Pentagon cloud computing contract


Babykiller? Seriously? WTF is wrong with you?


Some other company will bid on this. Maybe not as good as Google. Meanwhile in China, the government will “recruit” the best people they can get their hands on. This is a victory only for people who care about one specific type of imperialism, and only that type.


Don’t worry. I’m sure Microsoft will be happy to oblige. They’ve never been ones to let morality come in the way of profit.


Even if all it achieves is to force up the price, that’s still a partial victory. Every extra dollar that they have to spend on this is a dollar that is no longer available to spend on bombs.


I doubt this will be the death knell of cloud computing architecture.


It doesn’t have to be. The fact that workers protested against Google’s unethical behaviour, and Google decided to not bid on the contract is awesome enough for me.
I know that I would not want to work on military projects, for any price. I own a CNC milling company, and sometimes we make moulds for manufacturing UAVs (drones). I refuse any orders for military UAV parts or moulds. I know that some other company will take the order, but at least I’m not personally making the world worse, and probably the order will cost much more this way.


I was being facetious in responding to the idea that somehow Google declining to bid on a contract to provide cloud computing services somehow delegitimizes a Pentagon program to implement a cloud architecture.



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