In and Bezos victory, judge orders Pentagon to temporarily stop JEDI contract

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Something, something, special order 66, something?


Based on recent behavior I think Trumps defense will be something along the lines of…
“Yeah. I did it. So what?”


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Wow! This is pretty big, but then again so was firing Comey, so was Ukraine etc etc.

45 will ask Barr step in and take over. The legit attorneys and judges will recuse themselves and voila 45 is rewarded with fewer honest people to interfere with his criminal enterprise.

  • That is probably not even be possible in this case, just a little jaded these days.

I’d be conflicted about this except that it is obvious that Trump loathes Bezos and he has absolutely no compunction about screwing over people he doesn’t like. The award of the JEDI contract should be strictly on the merits of the proposals and NOT who is cheaper.




The fact that we’re reduced to rooting for two billionaires to slap one billionaire is fracking depressing.


Could we somehow arrange it so none of the billionaires or the lawyers get all the money? No? Ok, carry on then.


Honestly, the whole JEDI thing has been hard to see going well since it is, by design, a massive sole-source contract for what could otherwise be a comparatively commodified service.

As is, it’s virtually inevitable that some degree of platform-specific behavior is going to grow into systems built on top of the chosen cloud offering; at which point even the negotiating threat of switching vendors pretty much goes to hell since both sides know how much fun identifying and ripping out a morass of specific dependencies is going to be; actually doing it becomes a terrifying prospect.

Doing it multi-vendor probably would have been more expensive upfront(since you can only depend on baseline features with direct analogs across all relevant services; and since nobody is as motivated to offer ‘first hit is free’ bids); but would have given them some shot at maintaining flexibility and an ongoing negotiating position in the future.

If it’s going to be a disaster it should still be an honestly and transparently procured one; but it’s hard to feel great about an exercise that boils down to the pentagon deciding whether to get hopelessly mired in Azure, AWS, or whatever it is Oracle calls their thing for the indefinite future.


I’m surprised Disney isn’t suing someone for use of the word JEDI.


If it doesn’t disturb the hell out of you that the Department of Defense is outsourcing anything to AWS or Azure then you have no experience dealing with either on an Enterprise level. Many, many companies are moving back on to their own servers, primarily because of cost overruns.

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Judge Vulcan-nerve pinches JEDI deal after Amazon forks out $42m to pause Microsoft’s military machinations

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Well yeah the big advantage of cloud services is the low barrier to entry for startups and small operations. But once you get big, maintaining your own infrastructure looks more attractive.

Interesting that google are not mentioned in this situation.

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