US DOD inspector general finds Pentagon decision to award $10B JEDI contract to Microsoft 'consistent' with acquisition standards

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Couldn’t they have picked a better acronym?

Data leads to servers. MS servers lead to hacks. Hacks lead to the dark side.

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This should come as no surprise to anybody. MSFT is very well suited for large contracts, and has more years under their belt than AWS. Amazon has better technology on some but not all fronts, and Microsoft has loads more experience dealing with very large clients like this.


Also I hear nothing but griping when it comes to Amazon’s cloud services at other govt agencies.

Plus they also can provide office software etc, whereas w AWS now you still need to figure that out

This is true. The DoD would basically have to surrender if anyone took PowerPoint™ away from them.

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Pentagon watchdog sets phasers to none, clears $10bn JEDI contract process but leaves door open for lawsuits

Despite two years of argument in which the world’s largest tech companies have hurled accusations of corruption, incompetence and presidential malice, a 317-page report [PDF] by the DoD’s inspector general argues that the procurement process was followed, and gives it a clean bill of health.

So the headline is: Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Kontract Not Improperly Granted, However Trumpified (or J.E.D.I. K.N.I.G.H.T.)


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