Amazon is actively pitching face-recognition to ICE


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Jeff Bezos needs to find a soul on Amazon Prime.


It’d honestly be a lot faster and easier if he just went to Hell where he belongs.


Oh, and on a related note, every word of this article makes me want to punch someone in the fucking mouth:

(Because it’s not one-boxing and because they really don’t deserve the clicks, here it is in full…)

Bezos Bucks the Bullies

The Amazon CEO says patriotism matters more than political fashion.

It shouldn’t be news when an American CEO announces that he is willing to enter into lucrative contracts with the Department of Defense. But thanks to the rise of campus-style political activism among Silicon Valley employees, and the capitulation of executives, that is the new reality.

In San Francisco this week, CEO Jeff Bezos said employee-activists would not bully Amazon into an anti-Pentagon posture on his watch. Asked about Google’s recent move to scrap a Pentagon project under pressure, he said it “doesn’t make any sense to me,” adding: “If big tech companies are going to turn their back on the U.S. Department of Defense, this country is going to be in trouble.”

Google announced in June it won’t renew a defense contract analyzing drone footage after thousands of employees signed a petition complaining that Google should not be involved in “the business of war.” These high-minded engineers appear less exercised over Google’s moves to re-enter China and open its technology to the Communist Party’s censorship and ethnic repression. They nonetheless cowed their bosses. In a pointed response, Mr. Bezos said, “one of the jobs of the senior leadership team is to make the right decision even when it’s unpopular.”

Mr. Bezos is no fan of President Trump. He owns the nation’s leading Resistance newspaper and he certainly doesn’t agree with Mr. Trump on immigration. “This country is a gem,” Mr. Bezos said. “There aren’t other countries where everybody is trying to get in. I’d let them in if it were up to me. I like them. I want all of them in.”

But he seems to recognize that such political differences are no reason for America’s leading industry to undermine the country that has made its rise possible and which is facing increasing competition from revisionist powers. “I know everybody is very conflicted about the current politics in this country,” Mr. Bezos said, but it “is a great country, and it does need to be defended.” Well said, though it’s depressing that he would even have to say it.


There is perhaps a reason that he looks like Dr Evil

But, I still really on Amazon for a lot of shopping. I guess I should try harder to find alternatives


Alexasette, make face recognition work for ICE in the most ironic agency-facing way possible.


Aside from the opinion being expressed, that sounds remarkably like Trump speaking off the cuff.


Well, I’ve been saying it for a while: Amazon should Die In a Fire.

We should all stop supporting it in any way. I never buy stuff from them, and whenever someone says “Amazon AWS” on the job, I say no.


Some stains won’t come out.


well…that one at least didn’t lead to an early voting page.




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