Jeff Bezos’ investigator suspects 'a government agency' intercepted Amazon CEO's text messages


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A Washington Post reporter said Thursday night that an investigator working for Jeff Bezos believes ‘a government agency’ accessed the Amazon CEO’s texts and intimate photos.


Well, duh!


This was most likely done FOR Trump.
Not necessarily with his knowledge, but by someone trying to give him “a win”.

Of COURSE they went through the National Enquirer! Owned by his old buddy.


Must be so, since, you know, telecom employees couldn’t possibly be bribed! :roll_eyes:


Why the devil would mossad or mi-6 do this? FSB?


In the past the “five eyes” member countries, which include USA and the UK (but not Israel), would do the others’ work that was proscribed by law. The USA can’t spy on their own citizens, but the UK can, and then turn over the collected information to the US. I believe the surveillance Thatcher conducted on her own MP’s was collected this way .


Youre thinking too big. There have been iMessage 0 days that can read iMessages/pwn phones. No need to sit on the wire GCHQ style

Considering that KSA was a reason for the blackmail it’s probably not out of the realm of possibility they also go the texts.


Gosh, I’m trying to think of a world power with a recent history of backing brazen, politically motivated cybercrimes that also has shared interests with the National Inquirer and is widely believed to use embarrassing footage of American oligarchs’ sex lives as a tool for blackmail but I’m coming up with nothing.




Bezos should have bought Yinling’s technology and his texts would have been properly blocked in the first place.


Jian-Yang rather!

I’m always in disbelief at men’s instinctual urge to send DPics. This proves that there is no ceiling on how successful someone has to be to rise above that urge.


It is crazy. Because we all know no females have ever texted anybody a picture of their genitalia!

I will give you, the ratio is probably off a tad.


Bezos response has been to just call them out on the blackmail. Really, he’s already divorcing his wife and he’s not going to be fired over this so the risk is pretty low. It might be an issue for a presidential run, but Trump has shown pretty conclusively that people are willing to overlook martial infidelity if the guy is telling them what they want to hear.

I liked the HuffPo headline: Bezos exposes Pecker.


National Enquirer committing a crime to get some texts (while already under a government deal); the NE committing blackmail to prevent information about that crime from getting out; some possible government involvement… Is it wrong that the more shit turns up as a result of this story, the more enjoyment I’m getting out of it?


My favorite tweet that wasn’t captured here:


Why are you looking overseas? NSA. CIA. DEA. FBI.


This lady was engaged to an NFL player (who dumped her because she was cheating on him), had a son from another NFL player, was engaged to an actor, then married a CEO, and was divorcing him and dating Bezos while he kept it a secret from his wife. And he figured that she’d be really impressed with his DPs and would always keep them confidential. Did he ever consider that it may have been his wealth that she was attracted to?

How does this guy make good business decisions if he couldn’t foresee massive personal embarrassment from this situation?


No 3 letter agencies would do this, would bet a PI friend of a gossip reporter that got wind of the affair? Yes sounds far more likely. We know that the telco’s sell PI’s your cell’s location. Getting a access to a Cell Site spoofer isn’t that expensive anymore…

Or maybe it wasn’t so high tech and someone guessed an apple cloud storage password again.


Looks like Bezos already accused Sanchez’s brother. He’s just lashing out at any and all possibilities.