Did the ‘National Enquirer’ finally get one right with its sensational exposé of Bezos’s affair?


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I mean, technically, didn’t they get it right with John Edwards?

But there is certainly a pattern with them reporting some people’s misdeeds with crystal clear and verifiable accuracy, while others, they engage in a willful and unlawful cover up. Edwards was a democratic candidate that they opposed, likely because of his populist language, while Bezos has been attacked by Trump. There is the problem, I think, with National Enquirer, that it’s (like the british equivalents) a partisan rag.


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First off there’s the whole Trump/Enquirer link and Trump’s hatred of Bezos. Maybe that was covered here: there was a lot of text. And that leads to the question of why this trash is being breathlessly and lengthily covered on the BoingBoing site.


Sure, like I said above…

That being said, the owner did recently come clean about his suppressing stories on Trump’s behalf.


Who gives a flying Frak?


I’ve zero desire to cheat on my girlfriend. I simply don’t have the time, leaving aside my moral aversions, and my specific lack of desire to do so. That said, my best friend is a woman and while we lived in the same city I spent a great deal of time with her as well as my girlfriend and if I had Bezos money, we’d be taking trips together, too. This reminds me why I hate the gossip rag vocabulary of “canoodle” which implies that men and women cannot have close platonic friendships or so much as be seen together without something “going on.”

Also, fuck Bezos, for many unrelated reasons.


Well yeah, but whenever I see two people eating noodles together in a canoe, I can’t help but assume something is going on between them.


Well, canned noodles are quite under par.


Hey, it was just chance that we got hold of opposite ends of the same noodle. Could happen to anyone.


FYI people generally prefer to be called Lady than Tramp.
Happy to help.


The National Enquirer buried tRump’s multiple marital indiscretions, for years, but they followed Bezos around 24/7 for months to dig up dirt, and then break it to the world. I’m not a Bezos fan boy, but the whole deal is hypocritical at best and at worst is self serving to their former master.

So say I.


“Hey, if Bozo Bezos had offered us enough moolah, we would’ve killed this story too! We’re an equal opportunity story killer, don’tcha know.”


Good line for a song.



I try to make a point of asking their preferences. :wink:

If anyone asks, I’d rather be called “Lady” than “Trump”.


I wholeheartedly agree and while apologising for bringing it to mind promise not to post a link to that Trump/Giuliani video.


I knew it was out there, I knew it.


There’s no reason they couldn’t run a true story from time to time.


I have definitely wondered that, many times.