Did the ‘National Enquirer’ finally get one right with its sensational exposé of Bezos’s affair?


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Eh, this country is woefully undersexed and the over compensation for this fact is tiresome and grimy. Whatever opinions I have of the richest man on the planet, this doesnt factor in them. Bang on America!



To the sort of people who gossip, and rags that cater to them, women have only one value. It’s no wonder so many of them vote Republican/Tory.


It’s kind of meta really - sensational post gossiping about rich and famous about a sensational post gossiping about the rich and famous.


Because of its recent association of Trump I hate to defend the National Enquirer, but historically they have been pretty accurate. I think in their history they have only been successfully sued a few times. I live in L.A., and back during the long O.J. Simpson murder trial anyone covering the case always read the Enquirer looking for “scoops” about the case that sometimes appeared there before they were officially released. Part of it historically is that they could pay for stories whereas a lot of “traditional” media would not do that.


This is a battle I am fighting with my current partner. There’s some cultural differences there (where she comes from, men and women are simply not close friends). To rant more on this (or even to fill in the back story) might be new thread worthy.


Thanks boing boing for the shining example of Betteridge’s law.
No thanks for not making it clear at the start and therefore requiring me to read this to reach that conclusion.


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Maybe Alexa was secretly listening in on Bezos and Sanchez like she is on 70% of America. She spilled the T so she could take down Bezos and along with skynet take over the human race ahead of schedule. Check mate humans.


All this guy’s posts seem to be about tabloids. I guess BB is just trying to hit the widest possible audience.


Both of these things may be true but the one does not provide evidence for the other. :slight_smile:


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