Catch and Kill: National Enquirer protected Trump from Playboy model’s affair charges, reports WSJ


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How surprising.


Honestly, the man could murder a baby on the national stage and eat its liver to thunderous applause.


Wasn’t this a plot point in Downton Abbey?


Let him stand.


If he can, long-term, then we’ll talk, until then, he’s just a mainstream TV-candidate. Fuck mainstream TV.



Seriously how can they even make that claim with a straight face. It would be like saying “we paid Ms. Lewinski $2 Million for her grandma’s brownie recipe, but her contract also had a standard clause granting exclusive lifetime rights on any stories about sex acts involving any Heads of State.”


That’s a heavy wink.


Better story is that reporters have now found legit proof that Melanie worked in the US before getting a work visa. Neither story will matter because she’s white so her immigration status is a non-issue and he’s an alpha f̶a̶i̶l̶, male, so getting some on the side is a positive for his base.


But who to choose. Who indeed…

edit: The driver of the 2016 truck fire? Yeah…

The future is NOW.


This is not a contest of cons…

P.S. This joke is for sale: One Million Dollars.

P.P.S. P.M.-me, now.


Does this come before or after the part when he’s calling out Bill Clinton for cheating on Hillary?


He’s a con-artist running for POTUS, and somehow he’s fooled forty percent? Fuck that. I refute him, now.


boom bam beep boop wand-engaged

I declare fuck that!


Wizard power!


You’ve got that backwards. He’s calling out HILLARY for the unforgivable sin of being cheated ON.


So “Classy,” no?

How many dirty divorces does he have again?

Corny aside, but she stood by her man…

I can’t believe I just wrote that…welp, I did. So, there’s that.


Don’t just refute him, REFUDIATE him.


It’s repudiate, and I do, but I refute more tonight.


right, right, so it would be all Melenia’s fault that he screwed the bunny


What was with her dress at that last speech? Why are billionaires so ill-tailored?


Neither of them have spoken the truth in so long, it’s a surprise their lips still work…

And they are ill-dressed too. That is all.