Jeff Bezos accuses National Enquirer parent company of 'extortion and blackmail' over dick pics


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Um. Wow.

Jeff Bezos accuses National Enquirer of attempting to blackmail him over sexts and photos

Cleavage and glimpses of nether regions while wearing towels and bathing suits? oh my!

My delicate sensibilities can’t handle these things. I’m going to go cleanse my soul with Jesus Bleach.



Much as I dislike what Bezos represents I hope this fucks up the Enquirer even a little. Honestly, who the fuck even cares. They’re private pictures. If I walked into his house I bet I could find a pair of dirty underwear too. The National Enquirer deserves anything it gets.


Haven’t we past the point of dick pics between consenting adults being a problem.

Get over it Pecker.


When, oh, when are white hat hackers gonna do a number on NE?


Well played. “Kompromat” is valueless if the intended target just outs it himself. This is why I think if Trump’s pee tape is real it’s probably just the tip of the stinky yellow iceberg; Putin will have a lot more dirt on Trump and can leak it incrementally-- Donny will always be waiting for another shoe to drop.


I’d say, generally, yes. Some guys might be wee-wee-shy, though.


Anybody else smell the stink of trump with this story?


As with a bully, this is the only way to deal with a blackmailer. Give into the demands of one of these scumbags just once and he will always – always – keep coming back for more.

And the House of Saud, not unrelated to Il Douche. Pecked was trying to get a cash infusion from them, and didn’t like the WaPo’s coverage of Prince Bonesaw.


Trump is like coast to coast swamp gas. What foul thing isn’t his stink on?


Right or wrong, I suspect the Trumpkins who own the National Enquirer think it would rattle Bezos for the same reason the alleged pee-pee tape would rattle Trump. I personally couldn’t care less if Trump paid sex workers to take a leak on him. I’d mainly care whether he actually paid them (his record on paying his bills is spotty at best). But it would scandalize the prurient wing of his pearl-clutching base. I suspect the Enquirer is hopping Bezos is similarly worried about losing face. I’d love for them to be wrong. Whatever my qualms with Bezos and Amazon, watching someone stick it to the puritanical sex-starved prigs of the “Moral Majority” would go well with popcorn.


Hey if Hulk Hogan with Peter Thiel’s help can sue the shit out of Gawker and take them out of business over the whole sex tape thing, maybe Bezos can do the same to AMI?


Oh Boy! I can’t wait for boingboing’s tabloid roundup this week! :roll_eyes:




Oh man, wouldn’t that be sweet?


IIRC the Steel Dossier at least implied that the women in Golden Cheeto: Donny Does The Deed were paid for by the Russians. And I think that’s the reason it potentially shakes Trump (if it exists). Along with the possibility that the public might see him without his shirt on.

For scandalizing his base, or evangelicals. His 3 divorces, multiple rape accusations, grab em by the pussy, constant on the record bragging about his sexual prowess and dong size, among other things. Haven’t done that yet. Instead what we’re seeing is tepid, washy defenses among the parts of that group that should care. And open celebration among the others.


Sure, they’d twist themselves into more pretzel logic to excuse it. But the more cognitive dissonance they suffer, the closer their (admittedly quite thick) skulls get to 'sploding. And more importantly the more it hurts him in 2020.


Let me get this straight: a man who made one of the greatest fortunes of all time by ensuring that anyone, anywhere could get anything they want on the internet was dumb enough to share digital photographs of his junk with someone?


“And they call me the Flash.”


Or he doesn’t care about the junk pics, just the attempted blackmail. If I was a hundred-billionaire, I woudln’t care about the former. But then I lack the avarice to amass that kind of fortune, so I’m probably, um…ill-equipped to get inside the mind of anyone who is.