What Amazon's Jeff Bezos thinks about Peter Thiel and Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker


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I’m pleasantly surprised that Bezos, as owner of WaPo, is living up to his responsibilities. I’d love to see a pissing match between his investigative reporters and Trump.


If only everyone wasn’t being a bad actor here. The feud is spreading from Gawker to the decent sites on there (IO9, Gizmodo, etc.) and I don’t think the people at IO9 appreciate seeing ‘faggot’ all over the screen

This was the left nav over at IO9 a while back.

This is on all the feeds, because it’s appropriate for the Lifehacker crowd…

And this is right up in the main feed in Gizmodo of all places!

Seriously uncool.


Yes you should able to say it as long its not about Bezos.


I love how Bezos thinks Thiel should be more “tolerant of mean things” when the mean things are Gawker forcibly outing him. Fuck off, Bezos. I can’t believe anyone making me defend Thiel, gross.


Right? It’s like everyone’s being varying degrees of awful.

It’s a metaphor for our political system, I think.


“Seek revenge and you shall dig two graves, one for yourself.”

He is as boring as I as he wants to be. Indeed.


It’s the aphoristic ‘shall’ that makes me wince. Dammit Jeff, just say: ‘Seek revenge, you’re diggin’ two graves.’ Mic drop. Done. Those receptive to the message will have completed the statement in their heads by then.


Folksy charm like that makes me gag. It’s so uninsightful.


Makes me conjure images wealthy know it alls trying to be hip. Don’t work, never does.


Bezos has earned some awesome points for this in my eyes.



One person has said uncomfortable, often mean, offensive things.

The other is going to bankrupt working stiffs.

When millionaires and billionaires Duke it out over petty grudges, guess who loses? Us.


Obligatory Hamilton reference:

While we’re talking, let me offer you some free advice
Talk less

Smile more.

Don’t let them know what you’re against or what you’re for

You wanna get ahead?

Fools who run their mouths off wind up dead


From the register:


If only that was a reference that I could readily grok; I haven’t seen Hamilton, though I hear it’s excellent.


It’s the slimy Aaron Burr’s advice to a young Hamilton, but he is unconvinced and instead joins the Revolution! (Second song of the first act)


If I ever get to see the show, I’ll keep an eye out.



It’s on Spotify! Not sure if abridged, though. I haven’t seen it live.


Well, if it’s on Spotify (which I don’t have) I can probably find links for it elsewhere.