Gawker files for bankruptcy, will sell itself after $140 million Hulk Hogan lawsuit judgement


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Xeni vs Rob: FIGHT!


I want to know Xeni’s fatality move is.


Shit. I don’t care for Gawker but Gizmodo, io9, Jezebel and all of the professionals involved don’t deserve this.


You mean Team Xeni or Team Rob.


And Jalopnik!


Well… bye.

Although I do enjoy io9 and Kotaku - but I am sure I can find similar outlets…


Hopefully Ziff Davis doesn’t change them too much if that deal is finalized. Other Gawker properties have been sold or spun off over the years and some of them have maintained or enhanced what made them interesting to their target audiences.


yeah, i will definitely miss IO9 and Lifehacker. there’s good writers there. but Gawker can go away. i hope TMZ is next.



I couldn’t care less about Gawker. But I do care about the communities that have grown up around io9 and it’s user forum Observation Deck. Not that io9 is much more than a shadow of its former self now that both founders left and it’s a sub-blog of Gizmodo, but for a while there it felt like the home of my tribe.



So Peter Thiel fucked up io9?

Fuck Peter Thiel. What a conceited baby.


I won’t miss the comments.


So the net’s Enquirer got smacked down…


TMZ and Gawker are life sinks for ill-informed shut-ins…covering fake news of fake celebrities to fake your in-the-know status…


Whatchya Gonna Brother, when Hulkamania runs wild on you!


I am having a real hard time feeling badly for anyone involved in this mess. Though if it happens that this causes the Gawker fallen empire to abandon that Kinja commenting system, I’ll consider it a win.


The people that made io9 great are gone, and io9 itself is placeholder streetfrontage for gizmodo.