The National Enquirer is in the tank for Trump

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Obviously. It’s the very definition of the phrase “fake news.”


Late stage America?


Besides Pecker, Trump has another connection to the Enquirer, which Toobin notes in the article, although it’s perhaps minor and a bit roundabout:

[National Enquirer founder Generoso Pope, Jr.] grew up in luxury. He was driven to school at Horace Mann in a limousine each morning, often accompanied by his friend and classmate Roy Cohn. (Cohn later became an aide to Joseph McCarthy and a mentor to Donald Trump; he represented Trump in the 1973 Justice Department case that accused his company of violating the Fair Housing Act.)


If you see it at your local store ask the manager to put it behind the counter.


“In a long profile of Pecker.” - I see what you did there!



No offense, @doctorow, but as soon as I got to the words “bootlicker celebrity worship”, my mind started reading your commentary in a voice-over of Robin Leach.


When I see those and the other types of magazines, I have to resist the urge to grab them all and light them on fire. Maybe I’ll buy a bird and birdcage just to line the bottom of the cage with Enquirers…

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This week’s Enquirer features a photo of some celebrity, with the words, RACIST! BULLY! LIAR! CHEATER!

And yet they still love Trump.


Despite its “news of the weird and celebrity gossip” tabloid reputation, The National Enquirer is extremely careful about phrasing its sensationalist stories in a way to avoid successful legal action against them by the subjects of its articles. For many stories, they make sure that they can technically deny they’re saying what they appear to be saying. It’s a match made in heaven with the current regime in the White House.


The economics of supermarket check-out stand (Paper!) magazines continue to baffle. There are places in America where Trump couldn’t personally visit without endangering himself and the public. All of those places have his face leering from a cheerleading section in the market. Makes you want to head to Oklahoma and force a supermarket to add a Cambodian Food section, just in case somebody really needs some Lahpet Thoke.


Oh! So you ADMIT to watching that program. Very interesting. VERY interesting.



The birds might have mixed feelings about that: "Don’t want this in my KAAAAAYYYY-AAAAAGE!! Might as well take a dump on it. There.”

As this idea begins to crumble – as it becomes easier to imagine the end of capitalism than the end of the world – the traditional appeal to bourgeois aspiration ceases to be viable.

When I read this in a post about National Enquirer, I was sure this was a Rickroll.

If you have a product you want to market to suckers, you can easily access them through their support for Trump. They’re the kind of people who buy “Make America Great Again” hats that are made in China. This guy Pecker may not be capable of this level of cynicism, but he seems to have the hang of it anyhow.

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A big part of the article is actually about how the treatment of Trump goes against the highly calculated economic model of the paper. He should be the perfect mark for their style of celebrity gossip, but due to his relationship with Pecker (oh man, this is helping the medicine go down…) it’s verboten. Apparently Trump can not only make voters vote against their interests, he can also make garbage-mag owners editorialize against their bottom line. Truly the mark of the beast.


The National Enquirer’s circulation peaked in 1988 at 4 million, while today it averages 325,000 copies sold, mostly to low-income, over-80-year olds. Its best retailer is Wal-Mart. It does not publish any material critical of Donald Trump.

FAILING National Enquirer losing circulation! SAD!


So tabloid with no credibility backs someone their readership likes. Shocking!

Next thing you’ll tell me, Mother Jones leans to the left.

“In a long profile of Pecker, the New Yorker’s Jeffrey Toobin says that Pecker’s love of Trump is motivated not by ideology, but by a kind of bootlicker celebrity worship that celebrates the “classiness” of certain rich people.”

That’s a kind of mindset that I can’t even begin to comprehend.


Came here just to giggle about Pecker.