National Enquirer thinks Trump is almost too smart for his own good

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This could be a Machiavellian ploy by the National Enquirer to force people who want to get information in front of Trump’s eyes to take out ads in their rag.

Oh, wait, that would technically qualify as reading. Sigh…

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He’s too smart by half! Maybe a quarter or tenth.


And I bet these douchebags churning out this filth sleep like fucking babies.


With mainstream media in tRump’s crosshairs, NE is hoping to get on his good side.

The joke’s on them, though. He doesn’t have a good side.


People who read the National Enquirer are too dumb for their own good.

So, the tabloids are lining up behind Trump because the people dumb enough to read them are the same people dumb enough to vote for him?

The enquirer has always been in the tank for Trump. If he hadn’t cheated and lied his way to the White House, we would have had Madam President Clinton. Dick Morris couldn’t let that happen. So week after week after week, people who didn’t avert their eyes at the cashier would read headlines about how Clinton would could should die in prison.


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