National Enquirer succeeds where FBI and White House have failed, finding “Proof Obama Wiretapped Trump!"


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“Proof Obama Wiretapped Trump!"


Like many Breitbart site ‘headline’ banners, further delving into the related story yields zip for proof; the idea (in the case of Breitbart) is for visitors to just take away the headline and spread THAT around.


Question: Does anyone sell stickers that loudly state “FAKE NEWS”? That would be a great tool to have in an enlightened anarchist’s tool box; at the checkout counter, slap the sticker on Enquirer, Globe, name-a-rag.


This is all ‘one’ needs for an’ informed’ decision.


Will 45 be impeached and the TGOP kicked out of Washington D.C.? Curl if yes


Ya know, I really miss being able to read Weekly World News at the check out stand. I wanna know what’s going on with Bat Boy! Of course, there’s always the wonderful book “Dwarf Rapes Nun, Flees in U.F. O.”


Reading is hard.


Magic 8 Ball says…


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