This mornings tweet: Obama wiretapped Trump tower



Of course Obummer did. SAD!




Of course it wasn’t Barack Obama that did the wiretap, it was Vladimir Obama.

Man, I get called a looney from time to time, but maybe I should just go Full Loon. It seems to work for a lot of people.


It’s Triple-Lindy time.


Vladimir HUSSEIN Obama as they like to say.


Maybe his Metamucil hadn’t yet kicked in. Where’s the Infowars link I wonder…


I wonder if tapp is that new telephone tapping app.


Things getting too hot? Throw a dead cat onto the table - the press and the people can’t help talking about that instead.

The only downside is that he’s seen making one more unfounded claim - and his supporters don’t care.


HUSSEIN’in that!?


Is Trump disclosing national security matters on Twitter ?


Bonkers. Completely bonkers.



It is kinda brilliant. Lie so much on Twitter that when you accidentally leak something real noone believes it.


A thousand rubles says he’s getting this intel from something published on Brietbart rather than any of the various national security or intelligence apparatus that report directly to him.



Haven’t seen that one before. Nice.


It’s from this week and making the ‘rounds’.




He’s crazy, right? Can we conclusively say that now?

I am getting so unhinged by him. To wake up every morning to another bizarre, foundationless conspiracy theory, it rattles me.

And that there are so many people willing to defend his crazy, that rattles me even more.

I want a sane president.