Trump humiliated: administration apologizes to Britain for saying it wiretapped him for Obama


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Of course Britain denies that James Bond spied on President Trump before he was President!*


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“Sean, I need you to hold another press conference!”


For humanity’s sake, keep him away from the popplers!


Once you’re finished laughing, consider this. Trump believes that wiretapping political opponents is something that President Obama could just DO, either through his owns spies or the UKs… This means that the current president thinks that he can simply wiretap his political opponents. And he has spent the last two months trying to put like-minded people in charge of the the agencies who could get this done.


The official described the conversation as “cordial” where McMaster described Spicer’s comment as “unintentional.”

We live in a world where the words coming out of a person’s mouth can be called “unintentional”. Does Spicer have a special form of Turrets or something that makes him uncontrollably spew out conspiracy theories? And if he does, is this covered by the American’s with disabilities act?


The current president presumably could do that, at least if any country with a good NSA analog was his ally. cough russia cough


Maybe he also has Tourettes


that’s Mr President the dumb orange bastard to you.



Wait…I thought it was Obama who displayed weakness by running around apologizing to other countries.

Now you are telling me that it’s normal to apologize?


Tail wags the dog, none of this is a win for The People.


But Obama’s apologies were corrupt. Sad.

Trump’s apologies are the greatest.


Trump is famous for listening in on the phone calls of people at his resort/hotel. (And he’s talked about how he knew how various members of congress had dalliances with their mistresses at his hotels.) So yet another case of projection on Trump’s part. (And that’s leaving aside the idea that Trump colluded with those who hacked the Democratic party…)


No, I meant “Turrets”. He’s shooting out…high speed…ummm…Hillary’s email!

stupid brain.


Woah! Dude! You can’t just drop something like that without evidence.

I went looking for it and I found confirmation that he probably did wiretapp his own guests. But I couldn’t find evidence that he admitted to knowing about politicians’ mistresses — although he wouldn’t need a wiretapp for that, just his eyes if he saw them together at the hotel.



It was from 2000, in response to Congress going after Bill Clinton (ironically):