'Utterly ridiculous': GCHQ shreds Spicer's claim that UK spy agency wiretapped Trump


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/03/16/utterly-ridiculous.html



Ummm… sorry, but it’s GCHQ (which I believe you got correct two out of the five times it’s in the article)


Oh, you! This is just Spicer being funny!


GQHQ is where GQ magazine is published, right?


If blaming UK doesn’t fly, he could try China, Mexico, Israel … .


I really hope they are spying on him now.


The British intelligence aneurysm rate would skyrocket.


But I thought that the apricot arsehole’s security was so great, so yuuuge, that nobody could get through, certainly not furriners.

Of course, the fact that we’ve been inside US ‘intelligence’ for … well, forever… doesn’t need discussing.


I don’t see the problem with the GCHQ spying on Trump. The usual US defense is “Hey, that’s what spy agencies do. Everyone does it.”.


Of course the British would deny spying on Trump on Obama’s behalf! They were doing it in secret, what do you expect them to say?!? Sad!!!


First, WTF?


What happened to the No Comment policy?
What happened to overly specific denial?
What happened to diplomatic language?

Did they seriously respond like this?

And why is the spokesperson of a president even citing allegations coming from a TV interview by a quite random person, lending them credibility?

And while I am at it, what happens in real politics?

This is a message brought to you as a service that nothing of this is normal, ok, civil, fine, sensible, or acceptable.


So isn’t there​ some sort of investigation into Russian interference in the election, so you guys can have a do-over and kick this bunch of revolting frauds to the kerb?

How’s that coming along, BTW?


Obama’s administration spied on Merkel. If GCHQ weren’t monitoring Trump they were negligent as he is definitely a threat to British interests. Though the US and the UK are technically allies they are far from being friends, and the moment it suits the US to dump on the UK, dumped on it will be.


Yes, and GCHQ is where most of GQ’s readers in the UK are probably based.


So my takeaway from this is that the sheer surreality of the US government using FOX News as a source of intelligence is no longer even worth noting. That’s just a thing the White House does now.


Um…the dog. It was the dog. Aliens, I swear! Er…the neighbor’s illegal maid. Hillary! Lyin’ Ted! Sad little Marco! OBAMAOBAMAOBAMAOBAMA!

The ravings of a child caught in the act of lying, cheating, stealing.


My theory: Trump suffers from Congenital Anti-Peristaltic Syndrome.


We’re at the “I heard some drunk guy sitting at my favorite dive bar say this” level now.


What happened is that the Orange in chief bungled the world leadership.

As I read earlier today (dunno where), the leader of the free world (AKA Merkel) will meet Trump today.