Schiff: I have 'grave concerns' over Nunes' Russia investigation leak to Trump

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Nunes shared the info with the public, and then showed or provided it to the White House, BEFORE he shared it with his Democratic committee co-chair. And yeah, there’s that whole sharing of confidential investigation information with the person related to or directly involved in the investigation, too.

What the actual fuck.



jeez, Nixon would be saying “what the actual fuck.”


Maybe I’m hopelessly unsophisticated, but doesn’t the existence of these intercepts look bad for Trump and Co.?

I get that Trump is using the disclosure as a pretext to say, “I told you so,” but isn’t he also saying, “It’s true—we really were up to something”?


Today, Schiff also stated that the evidence collected is more than circumstantial.


All these fucking republicans need to go down with the ship.


Yes, it looks pretty bad. Nunes said the campaign team were incidentals in intercepts done under a FISA warrant, so the targets being surveilled were either foreign powers/agents or were involved in the commission of a crime with probable cause (or both). The Trump campaign were incidentally communicating with the targets under surveillance. Nunes was part of the Trump transition team, so he’s trying to spin as fast and hard as he can to provide cover for Trump, but his spin actually seriously damages Trump if you examine it.


Shorter GOP:



Wow, Most honest people I know are not under FBI investigation, let alone two.


Isn’t leaking confidential investigative information to possibly guilty parties, uh, sort of like a federal crime? Or is this one of those cases where Congress only allows itself to wipe this kind shit off its butt? I mean, if a congressman shot and killed his wife in front of a crowd at the mall, would he be charged with a crime, or would he be wrist-slapped by the so-called ha-ha “ethics” committee?


I kind of hope this shakes out with the country waking up to find Trump has resigned and fled over seas to exile in Dubai, with the only downside being the USA having to pay for Secret Service protection of Trump Tower until Barron graduates from college.


And the guy being investigated has billions of $ to spread around. Gee. I wonder how easy it would be to buy off a politician in your own party or even federal employees in key positions?


“Enough is enough, and enough is too much!” – Popeye


This incident only serves to highlight the need for the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the connections between Russia and the president* and his staff. With a GOP majority in Congress and a rat like Nunes abusing his position to give the grifter-in-chief and his henchmen a heads-up it’s clear that the legislative branch will not act as a check on the executive in this matter.


This is why I’m kinda happy having the Queen (represented by the locally appointed Governor-General) as the head of state. Yes; hereditary, foreign, appointed not elected, blah blah. I get all that. But she is also a-political with a view of the country which extends far beyond the next election cycle. Right about now I suspect the US could really use an a-political head of state.


Dear Boing Boing Commentors:

On another site I learned a new legal term. It is called “misprision” and my mnemonic device for remembering it is if Trump held a beauty pageant for women in correctional institutions, the winner would be “Miss Prison”. What it means (and it mostly pertains to government people) is that if you know about someone doing wrongdoing you must come forward to the proper authorities and report it. Now, most of the time it isn’t prosecuted, unless you actually do something to help the perpetrator hide the crime. Maybe commentors with more legal experience than me could explain why Nunes giving Trump a “heads up” rather than giving this information to his own committee would not fall within this law (a fine and up to three years in prison.) Of course, it may depend if Trump is actually found guilty of something. This is outrageous behavior, though, in my opinion, which together with ten dollars, will get you a coffee anywhere. So, there.



Let me guess - no rules broken, right?

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Funny, I was just watching the Oliver Stone movie about Nixon (all 3 1/2 hours worth) and in light of current events, it’s very weird to look at Nixon’s legacy. The kind of shit that guy pulled was career suicide in '72, but now it’s just sorta “controversial” in a “he said, she said” sort of way.

Just when I think I can’t be shocked any more, it keeps getting worse.


And that is why none of us should be under the illusion that even damning proof of collusion with pooter will hurt donald grump. All those other career-ending scandals have had no impact, working as an agent of a foreign power won’t either.

The alt-media has been bombarding the republicans with the alt-facts that democrats aren’t just the loyal opposition, they are traitors. Obama was not even an american and that fucker founded ISIS. Hitlery personally killed our loyal american troops in Benghazi. All those mexicans have been living high on the hog of welfare, welfare paid for by the tax dollars of real americans. And thus liberals want to protect them in their sanctuary cities? Give them obamaphones and driver’s licenses? They are criminals, for chrissakes!

So, if Trump had to cut a deal with Putin in order to make america great again, then so what? Extreme times call for extreme measures.