US intel caught Trump team talking with Russians in 2015, before presidential campaign began


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Boy, howdy. Has anybody else noticed all this smoke? So thick you could cut it with a knife, but I couldn’t for the life of me think of where it could be coming from. Just seems to be coming from nowhere.


psssssssst! pretty sure we should be tapping all the phones and such in and out of Cyprus. Rumor has it after Herr Drumpf’s sixth or seventh bankruptcy no US banks would loan him anything (well mb excepting Wells Fargo) and the Russian mob propped him up with laundered money.


I’m sure it was nothing…



That’s sarcasm. I recognize that.


And now, a rebuttal from Congressman Paul Ryan:

(Fingers in ears…)



Smoke? There’s no smoke!
A little mist, maybe.
Really, really heavy, black mist.
In fact, that mist makes it impossible to see any smoke. Only a libtard would claim to be able to see smoke through all this grey, choking mist!
Ok, it’s smoke, but obviously it’s from all the Fake News smoke machines!
Look, it’s not illegal to produce smoke. The Trumps can produce smoke if they want to! Smoke is good!


Well, this is not necessarily new info-- Trump kept his business empire afloat with Russian money for years, and “Russian money” typically means oligarchs who probably have connections to Putin. It’s unclear if Russian agents were doing espionage work, or if they were laundering their own ill-gotten gains through Trump’s real estate.

Not to say that’s much better, it’s all filthy, but it would be helping loot Russia instead of helping steal the Presidency.


BREAKING: “White House dismisses claims of paralysis and infighting. ‘Trump presidency still on an upward trajectory.’ says Spicer.”


I’m not smoking. I’m not smoking. You’re smoking.


Of course he had calls with the Russian government - he was working as an undercover intelligence officer for Obama.

That’s why he started that whole birther thing - cover.

Man, the vultures are coming home to roost.


Anne Applebaum, who has been familiar with Putin’s propaganda attacks on Ukraine and the failed presidency of Russian plant, Viktor Yanukovych has mentioned many times that everything Trump has done is publicly known but the only thing missing has been the specifics of who and when. Need I remind that Trump’s one time campaign manager was Paul Manafort, himself who is being investigated and who also advised Yanukovich. As they say, look at where the money leads.


“The WSJ contacted a lawyer for Trump. He didn’t return a call seeking comment on the overheard 2015 conversations.”

Trump will think really, really hard about his response and then twitter back “Fake news!!!”


The plot thickens.
But I think we’re at best only halfway through reel one yet, watch out for twists.



Talking ABOUT Trump associates not talking “with” them. Amazing the difference.


Except that they were talking about Trump associates talking with Russian Govt officials…
In some cases, the Russians in the overheard conversations talked about meetings held outside the U.S. involving Russian government officials and Trump business associates or advisers, these people said.



Actually, I am getting pretty tired of the smoke and want to see some conclusive gun. This is the biggest political cock tease of my life time. Either there was collusion or there wasn’t. This WSJ article amounts to “People Donald Trump knows mentioned him when talking to Russian people.” And? AND?

Was it collusion? Was it just name dropping? Was it talking about recommended hookers into golden showers? Is this going to be the fucking Emails all over again, where there is allusion to something bad and nothing ever materializes but we don’t stop talking about it.