Trump told Cohen to lie to Congress about The Moscow Tower Project


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Trump received 10 personal updates from Michael Cohen and encouraged a planned meeting with Vladimir Putin. “Make it happen,” Trump said of the Putin meeting.


But but, I ran out of popcorn such a long time ago…


I’m still weirded out about living in a timeline in which two of the news organizations that have dealt serious blows to the President of the United States are Access Hollywood and BuzzFeed.


And it’s supported by evidence. One can only hope Cohen had the tape machine on - though it could be lots of other things.


It is going to be amusing tomorrow, seeing how Pro-Trump people try to spin damaging emails, all of a sudden, as NBD.




It’ll be interesting to see Mitch McConnell try to sell that suborning perjury to Congress isn’t criminal.


Guessing Mitch is a tad bit criminal as well.


Is anyone actually surprised?

I’m sure as hell not. Thank God this atrocious monstrosity of a human being is this stupid.

Never wish for someone evil and intelligent


Please bear with me, I’m been drinking.


The coward has been hiding from his constituents and the media so deeply that they’re going to have to push the tongs deep into his shell to tug out his head.



Don’t forget that Teen Vouge has also been killing it when it comes to serious journalistic integrity over the last few years.


I keep looking for that thinny, or some weird vortex-looking portal; there has to be a way back out of this fucktarded timeline…


But Donnie hasn’t been drinking and that’s what’s scary. If he were a full blown alcoholic, at least his ramblings and misdirected anger outbursts would have context.


I’ve never bought the “straight-up teetotaler” bs.

He may not drink alcohol, but 45 sure as hell snorts something on a frequent basis…


It’s only a matter of time before MAD magazine takes down a member of the cabinet.


I can definitely believe that he doesn’t drink.

Especially since McD’s and KFC don’t serve booze.


I love the fact that, after arguing Trump has done nothing wrong, Bill Barr explicitly stated that suborning perjury was an example of something that would unquestionably be criminal.


I kind of think he probably had the recorder going. This is some shit you would want to CYA on.


You’d think it would be enough to unite Congress against Trump, and scrape that traitorous piece of shit out of the White House once and for all. But the GOP won’t let that happen.