Trump humiliated: administration apologizes to Britain for saying it wiretapped him for Obama

One wonders whether the Senator in question (or others) are still in office and subject to blackmail from 45


I’m sure it looks great for the most powerful nation in the world to be wrapped around the axle because its idiot chief executive is making utterly false accusations against the previous chief executive. Certainly the other national-level executive administrations of the world will witness this Style of Action and will rush to implement their own Baseless Accusation Offices from which the work of the people will issue. Nation-states will no longer be able to lie to one another, because their entire conversations will be false, their facts, their people involved, the policy under discussion–all of it will be false. Wars will end because nobody will really know who fired the first shot, or didn’t, or even if there was a first shot. Language will cease to hold any substantive power and all human communication will have to be done non-verbally and with intent made as clear as possible: the thing I am holding up and chewing on is my food. the knife in my other hand, being swung rapidly at anyone else in the room shows that I will cut the motherfucker who tries to take my food.

It’s gonna be great.
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45 is getting so out of hand that if something tragic were to happen to him at the hands of someone (country) else, I firmly believe that 'Merica would just shrug its shoulders and move on, like “next man up”. I am not even completely sure that his time in the WH would even be recorded in the history books. He would be the Rocky V of presidents, not saying that there was a Rocky V movie but if there were, he would be the equivalent.


That face + big, high velocity fist = joy!


GCHQ is well known for invading the privacy of innocent people with impunity , so I have no idea at all why they are being allowed to play the self righteous injured party in this case. I guess the universe would be better off without either of em so its at least cathartic fun to watch them argue.


Now now, we can’t go advocating punching people who need punching unless they are actually punching us, or the Waggy Finger of Tut Tut will be waved.


All this wiretapping talk has got me thinking (uh, oh, watch out): I suspect tRump’s principal concern with he being wiretapped is based more on 1) how US intelligence agencies would LOGICALLY (or already have) react (ex: wiretapping) to allegations of he being in cahoots with (or controlled to whatever extent by) Russia, and 2) on the fact that there is a long history of the FBI keeping tabs on possible political enemies (including presidents). I don’t believe that a traitorous president – however powerful – can exert enough influence on the FBI, CIA, or NSA to stifle gathering/acting on information that favors a foreign power at the expense of US security…

…although, how much power does tRump have when it comes to firing current security heads and forcing in pliant stooges.


Should I thank you for forcing me to laugh-spit out a bit of my lunch? I have to think about that.


Apology or not apology, that is the question.

I could see the Trump administration issuing an apology then saying it’s NOT an apology, just because, well. . . they need it to not be an apology for Trump to be happy. “Yes, we did say “we’re sorry we claimed the UK wiretapped Trump Tower”” but that’s not an apology, OK? It just isn’t, and saying otherwise is FAKE NEWS!"


C’mon now. Isn’t it likely that ‘members of congress’ simply brought along their granddaughters for a visit, I mean, the so-called mistresses looking so incredibly young and all.

[avoids obvious gross snark]


Shit, it works with toasters now, too?! What’s next?!


I might buy that three highly-placed intelligence sources leaked info… but to Andrew Napolitano? WTF? Deep Throat reaching out to Geraldo Rivera instead of Woodward & Bernstein would sound more plausible than that.


And the Kettle…


Trump humiliated

Nope. Either he’s incoherent with rage, crippled by paranoia, or smug. Possibly all of the above. Humiliation is not something he is capable of experiencing.


Well, he could very well still be keeping tabs on his guests (which makes the pressure for foreign dignitaries, etc. to stay in his hotels all the more sinister), so even if they have left office (and at least a few are still in office), and even if he hasn’t explicitly blackmailed anyone, that still has to be an implicit threat, at the very least, for anyone who has ever stayed in one of his buildings.

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With science advisor Alex Jones, I wonder how much time he’s wasting trying to find out who’s charge of the HAARP “weapon” or the Chemtrail program?


Regardless of which one it is, I’m still paying for it to happen and that pisses me right the fuck off.


Trump projects his own faults onto other people.

Trump Foundation–> all charities, including the Clinton foundations, are basically scams
Wiretaps mar-a-lago–> obama would wiretap me.
Games the tax system–> everybody does this; I’m just smarter


Felt that this needed an update…